Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Classes at Shabby Chic, Brunei

Okay so as you all know already, I flew over a great big ocean to Brunei last weekend to have classes. Okay not really a weekend but over 5 days .. yes 5 glorious days ...

I started my super long journey arriving at Changi at 7 am for my flight .. had to go down to the airport early cause I had over packed and the nice ppl at SQ (yes I am grovelling) allowed my super heavy luggage (26kgs) of stuff on board .. I arrived after a not too bad flight at abt 11am and we went over to B and I's place where i had to repack my hand carry for my one night stay in Miri. We went off to have one of my favourite food in BSB for lunch .. AMBUYAT... with sardines .. YUMMY .. all those of you who have not tried it .. go try it .. it is DA BOMB !!! super yummers i tell u... after lunch we made our way down to KB to pick up J ... it was a 2 hour drive but with car mates like Sootan H and Ahmad I ... it was a rather short ride i tell u .. kekek .. by the way .. i was body guard S ... hahaha We did nothing much in MIRI except to eat, shop, eat, drink coffee, craft, sleep, eat, shop and eat.. before making our way back up to BSB. Food in Miri was fantastic we had seafood at Meng Chai .. those ppl making plans to go there ... MUST go try ok .. the Garlic fish and the prawns is SUPER YUMMY .... also must visit Mr Ho's Fine food too ..german food at malaysian prices ... who can complain .. not me ...

Anyways... back to BSB, Sootan H was really nice to let me stay at her place .. and only one word can describe it .. WOW ... keke .. yes all the rumours abt it is true .. bwahahahah .. but only SHARON can stay in SHARON's room yah .. ahhaahaha .. remember that hor Sootan H .. ahahah .. All i can say is .. I think I can actually now say that I can stay in Brunei ... hehe life is soooo relaxed over there ..

Saturday came and of course the first of 2 classes started .. pics to follow ... basically a mini album .. and the 8 girls who came by .. FANTASTIC bunch u girls .. we had so much fun chatting and crafting .. and of course chocolates will always be welcome in my class .. thank you siew lu .. kekek ... Dinner was at Thian Hock .. another chinese restaurant in Gadong .. Food was also good there .. the fish head curry ... perfect with rice .. i like ... and would you belive it .. after dinner, irene told us that she had a small surprise for us .. we had a MINI class .. where I became student and she taught us a mini album too .. how fun .. we stayed till like 12ish ... before we even packed up to go home ...

Sunday was another class day but this was an early morning class, this time the group of 8 did not disappoint too .. they were noisy and funny .. and was a pretty relaxed class lah ... class over-ran by a bit .. (ok ok 1 hour not abit lah .. but u girls had fun rite ?? ) and after that we had a quick lunch at swensens .. before we went back to the shop to pack up .. but of course .. we did not till much later ... some of the girls decided to finish up the projects for mother's day and we all sat down and chit chat, and ate somemore .. till like abt 4ish -5 .. we all packed up after a call from a husband in KB asking .. "how come the class end at 12 but you still in bandar" .. heheeh but of course .. we did not go straight home .. we still went shopping at SB at an awesome shop .. :) Thank you J for showing us the shop ... hehehe .. den off we went to look for mint sauce but i think that day there was another party who had lamb too cause the 4 supermarkets we went to did not carry them ... too bad ... but I HAVE TO ANNOUNCE .... B is A VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD CHEF!!! .. D u are a very lucky man ... the dinner she made for us was super yummy .. love the salad dressing and the lamb .. JUST PERFECT !!!!!!!!

Hmmz .. this seems to be a very long post yah .. so let me just put up the photos ... enjoy ..






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