Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's August already ???

U mean 7 months have passed already ???? really ??? gosh ... another 5 more months and the year will end already .. aiyooo .. time is passing too fast already ... We will be having our national Day on the 9th of Aug and this year it will be on a Monday ... wooohooo ... a long weekend ... don't you all love long weekends ???? I do ... cause I get to sleep in ...

am very happy today ... cause why ... dun you realise that this post is written at 10.52pm ... which means ... THAT I AM NOW A PROUD NEW OWNER OF A NEW MACBOOK ... wooohooo ... yeap .. well the macbook is 2nd hand but it was hardly used except to watch movies online from my auntie who so graciously gave me her macbook cause it was to difficult to learn to use ... wooohooo .. shioks eh .... so yes ... i can do all my normal stuff again .. but somehow .. it was bearable without a computer the last 3 months .. yes 3 months without a computer ... ppl are still wondering how i lived .... all i can say is .. thank god for the iphone .. bwahahahahah ..

I will be off to celebrate my birthday in Hong Kong ... the tickets are booked and the hostel too ... so yeah ... HONG KONG LOOK OUT FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am smarter this time avoiding the typhoon season but too bad the sales will be over then ... have grand plans to really go explore hong kong without much shopping ... (see i know myself ... cannot dun shop lah !!!!) but this time i get to go to the islands too .. am very excited ... hehehe .. will also be visiting a couple of scrapbook stores too ...

What else is new ... oh yeah .. so how many of you have already signed up for my class ?? it will be a fun class ... had sooo much fun creating this class and I hope you all love it too .. :)

Okay .. enuff of my ramblings ... am off to play with my new mackie ... tata


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