Monday, June 11, 2007

Goodness !!!

Bad Bad Blogger Sharon ...

Sorry for the lack of updates... apart from my bz bz times tying up the celebration plans, I have also been bz creating a this new class .. using materials from HAMBLY ... and of course this project has to include bling and flowers too ... just some of my favourite stuffs... and the color .. HOT HOT PINK ... I really love this album and I am holding this class for one of the LSS in conjunction with The forum. The class is already full and there is a wait list .. I really cannot imagine .. hehe
On another note.. Celebration Plans for the Forum's 2nd Birthday is more or less finalised. I cannot believe that the forum is already 2 ... and I seriously Hope that there is more to come ... C has also asked me to plan a private class for some of her friends and her. I think I shall go "ON THE ROAD" for this .. think Maya Road, Love Elsie and of course have to add my favourite bling, glitter, and flowers ... hmmmz ... maybe back to the drawing board .. heeheheh

Work wise .. I am scheduled to go to SURABAYA after my class on the 21st .... hopefully I get to take tons of photos .. but I Definately have this one in mind .. all thanks to BOO's DH ... one where I asked him .. "have you been to surabaya? Do you know what's there to see ?" ... his dead pan reply .... " Yah .... Surabaya got alot of indonesians .... " *ROLL EYES*

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Julez said...

Aiya, you should know him wat...*rolleyes*