Monday, June 25, 2007

I am BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surabaya was fun fun fun , actually I did not see much of the city except during the car rides to Bt Damao and Pakuwon .. but it was enuff. Surabaya is really a sleepy town, very small, very flat .. very dusty and very crowded... but everything seems to pass real slow .. I like it .. Did not get a chance to see their malls except the one next to the hotel but it was an eye opener .. vivo has to take a back seat manz ... seriously huge .. and while I did not see the inside of SUPERMALL, just seeing the facade was enuff for me to go ... F**king huge ah ....

Days were spent meeting clients and the dealers there, was an eye opener ... real eye opener to see how the Surabayans ( is there such a name even ??) work .. really simple .. I wonder how they even survive without a computer ... everything was in stock cards .. gosh ..

Did I ever tell u peeps how much I hate flying ??? and being in a smallish silkair flight was not very fun esp when we hit turbulence ... EEEKs .. and watching a plane crash movie before the flight is actually not a very good idea ... BAH!!!! ...

Will try to post up some pictures of the "RUMAH BESAH" I took while we were in the car ... Those Indonesians sure know how to build BIG HOUSES ... I WANT ONE OF THOSE TOOO ... So nice .. now to find me a rich indonesian husband ... anybody ????

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