Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wake Up call

Mom called me at work today asking me to come home immediately cause she felt her body go numb after her afternoon nap ... I was like .. WHAT!!!! ... I raced home with my thoughts going wild like .. was is a stroke or a heart attack .. the longest car ride i ever took going home. I
was really panicky and out of sorts .. and brought her to the clinic pronto to see the doctor.

Well diagnosis was that the doctor could not find much problem except her blood pressure being on the high bit but he gave us a referral to go to the polyclinic for a further check up and if needed to a specialist. *phew* .. Apparently, she visited another doctor this morning after her sinseh visit and this doctor was rather insistent that she had high blood pressure that was really dangerously high and charging her 70 bucks for it.. and mom took the meds when she got home .. took a nap .. and woke up with her veins really obvious and buldging .. .. she called the clinic and the clinic told her to go to the A&E pronto and that was when my mom called me and I got her a 2nd diagnosis from her regular doctor (who confirms tat she never had HBP problems and he was shocked when he did her BP , but attributed it to her being shocked by the other clinic. and the meds combined.) He has since changed her meds... and she is much better now, She is under my observation tonite and tmr it is time to go for further checks.

It really woke me up cause I know I have neglected my family and friends for this hobby of mine recently. It brought me back to the time when I got back from AU and saw mom aging alot and frankly .. the thought of her aging and losing her is really scary for me ... ( I know it is inevitable, but to a child, parents are like superheros, not afraid of anything or anyone... invincible). MUST REMIND MYSELF ... * CANNOT NEGLECT .. CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT .. NOTHING IS MORE IMPT.... *


greentea said...

great to hear that your mom is okay. i also spend like time with my mom too. guess both of us have to put in more effort!

Mel said...

now is not too late. :) hope auntie s is better now!

jowong said...

Thanks for your post and is a wake up call for me too. Yah.. never never neglect our family and hope your mum will recover soon.