Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back from the Motherland

Yeap got back abt 8 hours ago .. and after a nap (yes I classify sleep under 6 hours a nap :P) I have downloaded all 1500 pictures into mac-kie. Amazing trip I had, travelling for 10 days in Yun-nan Province. It is such an amazing place, with picture perfect scenery and Fantastic travelling partners, A special shout out to Auntie Janet, Auntie Jasmine, Uncle Mike and Uncle HP who made the nightly "Party" session so fun. It was really great to have met u peeps there. Not forgetting the wonderful tour people, Iris, Lynn, Rachel , Tommy and his wife, auntie Red lip Gull and Friend and also the tour guides in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la that made the trip wonderful... Ok ok this is sounding like an academy awards thank you speech ...

I had fun the last 10 days .. the food was good, the accomodation was good, the company fantastic and the shopping, well nothing much but still managed to get some really nice stuff .. that may turn up in some of my creations.. yes 1500 photos .. WOOOHOOO ... I am pumped to create now .. but first , luggage to unpack, clothes to wash and LOTS OF STUFF to put away ... geesh .. I swear I left with a clean and neat room .. so why is there a mess now ????

Sighz .. Pictures will be up .. soon .. i hope .. :)

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