Monday, November 16, 2009

MWL 6th Birthday ..

I am back!!! .. Irene ... I changed the background already hor .. no more "orh lu lu" already okay ... kekeke just for u...


The requisite DT photos ... Missing Em and Anne Marie ..


Chocolates ... tags i think made with Sizzix .. how useful .. kekee have you got one already ????


Colorful Cakes .. love love love ... sooo cute rite ???

So who else went to the Party ???


Blue Banana said...

Yes! Yes!! This is so much better! LOL

Thanks for the photos!


wow.... for irene sake! hahaha
lucky she commented good
i said AWESOME sharon... more photos yah! love them!

Leena said...

The white background looks so good & very refreshing Sharon! :) And thank you for the lovely picture! Your camera is super power, love the colors!

piradee talvanna said...

yummy yummy!! and so happy to meet up with you again!