Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So... the tickets have been booked ...

Yes I am off again at the end of the month ... to a favourite city of mine... Bangkok, cheap food, cheap spas, cheap shopping .. but what will I be doing there ?? work .. ahahah .. so i will have to scrape some time off to go shopping at least rite ??

Yeap .. I actually do have my air tickets to Anaheim ... for CHA Winter 2010 ... Excited .. of course I am .. FFC will have new stuff for the show and I will soon start work on them .. so MICHELLE .. Creative works .. coming soon okay ??? i promise .. I just need to get all these travelling out of the system .. and find more time ..

ahhh .. advert for my class this month at MWL ... Vintage Findings .. have you all signed up for it yet ???


quick go give the girls at MWL a call to reserve your space ...

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