Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Packed ... Sort of

Leaving for the airport in a few hours .. gonna catch some shuteye soon .. So not looking forward to the flight there ... 17 hours ... geez ...

I am all packed .. sorta i hope .. kekeke .. For the first time I think I have underpacked for this trip which means .. MORE LUGGAGE SPACE FOR MY SHOPPING ... My Bank is soo not gonna like this .. heheehhehe

So anyways ..THis is gonna be my last post till I find an internet connectiion .. so dun miss me too much ...

And anyways ... Here's wishing everyone .... a happy new year of the rat .. may you all collect many many ang baos and eat tons of kueh kueh and titbits .. and drink heaps of orange F&N ... kekekek .. TONG TONG CHIANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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