Monday, July 20, 2009

And I am back again .. again

bwahahah .. ok ok .. finally finished with my jetsetting july ... Had a great time meeting up with friends and hanging out at the sales this time in HONG KONG ... but .. what is it with me and typhoons in Hong Kong .. Touched down in HKG on Friday and was told that a typhoon was heading our way... and on saturday .. it was raining and by abt 3pm .. typhoon signal no 3 was hoisted ... geez... and of course .. me and A hung out as late as possible and I was back at the hotel by abt 9ish .. cause the typhoon was gonna hit and signal 8 would be hoisted at abt 11pm .. .. Woke up on Sunday .. and saw the news and apparently Signal 9 was hoisted that night .. I was happy .. cause by the time I woke up .. it was downgraded to a no 3 typhoon .. which means .. I COULD GO OUT ... and off i went ... kekekek ..

Basically Shopped like mad .. and ate like mad .. my feet are killing me now .. ahahhaha .. but I am happy .. when can I do something like this again .... Need more jobs ..

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