Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Queen Hilda just arrived home !!!

Hahaha ... I just had to post this cause something white, pink and furry arrived home with me today after meeting Hilda and Emily. Thanks to QUEEN HILDA THE DIVA, queen hilda the cooking hello kitty is sitting pretty on my bed ... she comes complete with baking tray, Oven mitt, Rolling pin and also not forgetting, Pink Fluffy Slippers and .. of course she cannot go bottomless, she has to have a pink slip too .. satin no less .. HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME with Em and Hilda today ... It is amazing what Stuff toys, 3 grown women and 1 kid can do to make ur day ... I think I will have sweet dreams tonite .. heheheh ..

THANKS AGAIN YA ... LUV U TOO HILDA ... (now i am just down to 984times I have to hear u say love u sharon ... hahahaahah) *HUGZ*


{ Yu'er } said...

I got the pictures ready for this layout:"the birth of queen hilda"! Thanks for the great time in Singapore and I think I need to make another trip soon!

Anonymous said...

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