Monday, July 13, 2009

I am back again .. haha

okay .. the plane landed in Singapore abt an hour ago and I am back home from what I call my second home .. Brunei .. (not that I stay there permanently, but the people I met there and the friends they have become has made me state on black and white that .. it is my second home.. u people have become family to me now .. I miss u gals already .. and it has only been 3 hours since we parted .. )

The weekend was a blast and every single participant in the class was really fun, sorry i made u girls rush thru at the end as I know some of us had a long drive back to KB and most of them were just tired from the busy weekend .. I know I was. Thank you, Bev and Irene for hosting us .. and just making sure that we were all well fed and well shopped .. haha .. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart ..

The class went pretty well and I did leave alot of you confused but I absolutely LURRRVEEED your layouts ... I hope you all left with a little spark to get messy with your layouts and experiment with paints and mediums .. will blog more with pictures soon .. I hope to get the photos uploaded soon ....

3 more days to my next destination .... HONG KONG !!!!


Anonymous said...

your students are so lucky...

Shabby Chic said...

Thank you too, from the bottom of our hearts, for willing to be here with us :) You are most welcome to return to your "second home" anytime :) And we'll all be here!

Glad you had as much fun as we did having you all here :)

Jackie said...

Hi, Hi, Hi... I am back home now and looking at the layouts we created, and so missing you a lot!!! You better schedule another trip here soon.... There's more exotic food for you all to sample... ha.ha.ha.

Have fun on your holiday!!!

P.S. Thank you for lugging my stuff all the way here. Much appreciated... might get to play with them today :)

Janijap said...

Hi Sharon,
Had so much fun in your class. Me afraid of dirty hands no more.. you set me free.. he..he..he.

I hope you guys will be back soon!