Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Okay .. so I got it wrong .. gosh .. hahaha Now I know how many Brunei-ans read my blog .. cause my email was BOMBARDED with .. BRUNEI DUN HAVE MPH BOOKSTORE .. ok ok .. me fault .. I got the correct bookstore too .. ahahah .. it is in GADONG mall too .. it is the BEST EASTERN BOOKSTORE .. so u all can go to the book signing and then come to my class .. how nice right ?

2 more days ... cannot wait ... I have already checked in for my flight .. gawd i love technology .. I have my boarding pass already .. and i heard .. the papers I will be using for my class .. will be on it's way to Shabby Chic tonite .. and I heard some really cool news abt the courier having PURPLE HAIR .. this I gotta see ...

okay .. off work now .. gotta go have din din with work people ..

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Jackie said...

Hahahaaa... and I thought there was a scrapping bookstore I didn't know about... Yah, Best Eastern I know... so all these goings on under the same roof! Can't wait for the weekend to come..... Bring it on!!! :D