Monday, March 26, 2007

Off Day

Took a day off work today and spent it lazing ard at home except to send mom to the airport.. yeap she's off to Hong Kong today ...

Finished watching My Girl on DVD today and I have to say, what is it with korean Drama Serials. All that Soppy lovey dovey kiss kiss I will die for you kinda shows .. Which I LIKE .. but what i hate is that it brings me back 10 years .. 10 years ago ... sighz ... anyways it's not the right message to send to young impressionable gals that guys are made like dat .. cause they are not .. and it will be a super duper rude awakening to them when they realise that ... oh well .. at least it gives the gals hope .. no point bursting their bubble now rite ?

Spent the weekend preparing a project for a class and it is turning out mighty fine... left with abit of embellishing to do and I am done .. wooohooo

Back to work tmr... gonna get a huge shipment tmr ..

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