Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya

To all my muslim friends ..

Eid Mubarak ....

Have a blessed one ..

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's finally here !!!!

Have not gotten my copy yet but .. it's printed and here .. wooo hooo ..

See my layout on the cover ... yeap COVER GIRL .. bwahahah *Shameless toot* .. :)

Get your copy here !!!

I am a happy happy gal now

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another BG layout

oooh . another layout with the yummy papers from BG .. absolutely love their new papers .. u know how u just have to create with really nice papers ... here I used the papers from ambrosia .. love love love those papers .. :)

oh yeah had some questions from some the earlier post abt CHA ...

well in answer to them : -

1) Yeap going to CHA on Northwestern .. kekek .. and yes IHOP and shopping ?? hehehe

2) Shirley - as to how come I get to go, well I am going with FFC again for Winter 2009. ekekek u wanna come in my luggage ah ... cancan .. if you can get in my luggage .. kekekek .. oh yeah .. u wanna lift the WP layout ?? lift away .. kekekek

3) Well I have been creating for SC .. kekek projects are ready and will soon be on its way to SC .. kekeke Princess so keep a look out for it .. and also thanks for the birthday wishes .. kekekek ..hopefully this BG layout satisfies u till my next layout .. :)

Happy Birthday to me !!!

Yeap yeap ... many many years ago (yes i am still in denial) I was born.. keke yeap SHARON CHAN came to the world .. ekeeke .. and today I turned ..XX years old .. bwahahahaha ..

Thank you very very much for all the Birthday SMSes and Msgs in Facebook and in the forums .. keke ..and also special emails and smses from Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Across the causeway in KL ... I really really really Appreciate them very very very much .. thank you thank you and also for the loud LOUD LOUD purple wish all the way from brunei .. I feel very loved .. keeke

Here are the presents I got this year .. kkeke
Yeap yeap the pre-requisite flowers from S & J , LSS vouchers from S&J and Ang pows .. I love how my relatives and friends are the really practical kind .. all these will go to the CHA fund .. kekekek wooohooo ...

Yes I feel so loved ... and blessed to have such special people ard me ..


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CHA Winter 2009

Yeap .. almost time for the madness to start .. and yes .. it is now confirmed that I will be going to CHA next year .. YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!! tickets and hotels are all booked .. :)

baby J is here

Yeap .. Cousin L delivered Baby J early evening ... mommy and dotter are doing well .. yay !!!!

And guess what ... Baby J shares the same birthday as Auntie sharon .. double yay... kekek yeap we share the same chinese birthday .. hehehe

Newest arrival to the family ..

Cousin L should be at the delivery ward already and baby niece J should be on her way to this world .. wooohoo .. quite the excitement ard here now ..


Monday, September 15, 2008

Northwest Airlines

Anybody know if Northwest Airlines has Personal TV sets on their flights to LAX via Narita ??? any info is much needed....


Oh yeah the 2wire modem died on me this morning so no more night internet surfing for me .. booo hooo hooo ....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Websters Pages

Cannot helo but get these websters pages papers yesterday and had to scrap them today .. the whole layout came together as I saw the papers on the shelves and I just got wat I needed to do this page .. a quick pat on my back ..

TFL !!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scenic Route - Sonoma Collection

This layout has been in my mind for the longest time, Love the reds and browns .. and espcially the quote from Dr Seuss.

Supply List :

PP : Scenic Route
Embellishments : bird (my little shoebox), Clear Stickers (Amercian Crafts)
Alphas : Making Memories and My Little Shoebox
Leaves : Prima Artful Leaves


Making Memories Passport Collection

Finally used my Making Memories Passport Collection Papers, a layout abt my trip to Ho Chi Minh City last year.

Supplies List :

PP : Making Memories
Stamps : Cavallini & Co
Alphas : AC Thickers


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Note book for Shanice

A note book for a good friend whom i promised ...

Supply List

Patterned Paper : Melissa Frances
Stamp : Bingo and Grid , Stampers A
Lace : Vintage
Owl : Glimmer Glass, TA
Stickles : Ranger Industries
Alpha : Making Memories
Inks : Distress Inks, Ranger Industries
Photo : Victoriana, Flickr
Bind Rings : Zutter


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i've been tagged

by scrappermaya ...

3 Golden Rules:

• State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself
• The 10 people you tag are then to follow your footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
• No tag back (:

1. I am afraid of small furry animals .. example : rats, mouse, hamsters, gerbils .. Yeap ... even in their stuff toy version .. freaks me out

2. I am scared of cats. Yes, I can tolerate it but let me touch me and I will Jump to high heavens . And yes stuff toys of cats too.

3. I am the laziest walker ever, I will not walk to go get food .. but I will walk ages to get to a scrapbook or art store.

4. I wept at soppy shows thats why I dun go to the cinemas to watch sad sad movies.

5 . I read anything .. from the back of food packs to shampoo labels.

6. I have to use my own loo. It gives me the creeps to use loos outside but if i have to .. I would ..

7. I need my 3 ply loo paper .

8. I love to organise my scrap area .. it makes me wonder sometimes if i buy all those stuff to organize rather than scrap .

9. I am a sleepy piggy. I can sleep till the cows come home ..

10. I need an alarm clock to wake me up for work and things that require me to be awake before noon on weekends.

11. I am a recovered winnie the pooh hoarder. Uni mates would know this for a fact.

12. I collect other stuff too .. like Coke stuff, Teddy Bears and hard rock cafe shot glass.

13. I am addicted to the internet.

14. I stalk stranger's blog so much that they seem to be my friends too..

15. I can eat ice cream any time... wintery weathers are the best for ice cream ...

I am tagging ..


god .. who else ??? ahahah oh well .. if anybody who reads this blog and wanna do this .. consider urself tagged ..bwahahahah

Gypsy Rose Paperie

Okay .. some news.. or rather old news .. Some of you may know that I was a finalist here for their Guest DT call .. but alas .. it was not to be for me and their awesome kits ... Maybe we should start a spree .. anyone ???

They have some free ephemera Downloads which I used for some projects before .. .. Their kits are wayyy cool .. love those really vintage stuff they have too ..


international House of Pancakes .. Oh my .. what can i say .. reminds me of Nice big fluffy pancakes with butter and maple syrup.... DROOLZ

1 more using gypsy rose ephemera ... am now so into these victorian images..
This is from a tutorial i got from Beates blog and one that I have always wanted to learn.

Front View

Side View

View when opened ..

Supplies list

PP : Graphic 45
Lace and trim : unknown
Stamp : Bingo , Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Collection
Flower : Prima
Stickles : Crystal , Ranger Industries
Owl : Glimmer Glass , Tattered Angels