Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas !!!

Happy Holidays from me to you ... !!! May the festive season bring good surprises, love and cheer for every one of you ....

Enjoy the holiday .. Be Merry, Eat loads and forget abt the waistline !!!! ...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My First Interview ... kekekek

Just had to share .... I just had my "virgin" interview about scrapbooking with an online youth website in Singapore ... Check it out here ... Thank you very much for the interview Dessy .. Hope you managed to finish the project... Junk-full of memories is officially finished ... thank you all the participants who came for the class .. Remember to check out my next class ...totally lovey dovey and totally shabby chic ....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

now I know what it feels like to mass produce !!!

see the peek ? Thats what I have been busy with the last weekend, its my contribution to the SUPER SHIONG (tedious) SWAP or fondly known as SSS. This time we have 24 ppl participating in the swap and making 24 pcs of the same item is totally no joke .. really have to be disciplined enough to sit down and mass produce. It was kinda painful doing them but when I see the end result .. it was kinda worth it .. :) Now i cannot wait to see what the other 23 swappers have done ...

Its 2 more weeks to christmas and i think this year I will have a quiet one (not that I have Huge HUGE parties) but with most of my family away this year for xmas (they are going to Hokkaido, Japan together with abt EVERYBODY else i know!!!) I am glad for the quiet time also actually .. have received some news but is not at liberty to put it up till it is CHOP CHOP confirmed .. bwahhahahahah ... nah not big news like DT , so dun get all jumpy and all that ... and it will not materialize till about Apr/May so I may forget to announce also .. so dun wait ok .. hahaa ..

What else should I put ? Oh yeah ... Anybody saw my wonderful hair color ???

Love Love LURRRVEEE the hair color ... and guess where I did it ... IN BRUNEI .. yeah so all you brunei'an's out there... go to to Valerie at Kiulap ... here's the addy ...

Unit 19 1st Floor
Bangunan Hj Awg Matussin HA dan Hj Abd HM Adik-Beradik
Kg Kiulap BSB BE1518
Brunei Darussalam

Tel: 2237449

Opening hours: 10am to 8pm

Check out their facebook page too ...!/pages/VALERIE-Beauty-and-Hair-Salon/138793052813367?v=info

Remember to ask for Buff !!! he's the color expert .. and while you are there .. try out their foot scrubs and massage too !!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am back !!!

Yes yes, abit late in posting cause seriously .. i feel like i travelled around the world and back and suffering from the worst jet lag ever !!!! and to think it is only a 1hr 45min flight ...

Brunei was a blast and the 4 classes over the weekend was soooooo much fun. It was a whirlwind short short trip cause this time I think I did not even venture out of Gadong mall and the Hotel which was just next to the mall... those ppl are such slave drivers ... bwahahahah .. Soooo not !!!! they are the nicest people ever.... always looking out and helping out with the classes .

Here are some pictures of the lovely workshop participants.. They all do not look like they had fun but I can tell you that .. nope they did not .. I was driving them mad with all the sewing and cutting and measuring and scoring .. they almost wanted to drive me out of the class already .. ahahaha

here we have J and H being all serious .. can you imagine that this is the look they had even before class started and J had to have her sugar fix even before class ... we were that tired eh ....

and here is D and J .. those 2 girls are just soooo much fun to have in class lah ... sooo wacky and D you really crack me up ... u better send your kids to camp and finish up the WIP .. ekekek

here's the dental expert, S, smiling away .. love the contrast of the 2 persons in this photo ... S is so calm and collected and her neighbour L has the dun even talk to me now .. I am concentrating!!!!!

I did not take out my camera at all and all these photos were taken off S and SL's albums on Facebook .. what will we do without FB .. really !!!!!

We are truly deeply in December now and it is less than 2 weeks to Xmas .. did i tell you that I have NOT yet prepared anything .... can we turn back the clock ... I am not that greedy .. maybe turn it to abt ..... 1999 ... i will be happy .. ahahahahah ..

This Dec.. I will still be continuing Junkful of Memories at MWL ... and the dates are the 10th, 12th and 19th of the month. So do sign up for the classes ... will have so much fun and also .. look out for new classes in Jan .. I hope ... :)

Till next time .. Toodles !!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello Hello ...

Yeap thats the display of the pages and projects for Cousin's SP wedding at the St Regis !!! it was a beautiful wedding, There were a few more but my iphone photos were super super crappy and until my Cousin CM uploads the photos.. this is the best I can do already .

in 24 hours, I will be on a plane to one of my favourite places in the region.. the nearby sultanate of Brunei Darussalam ... I have 4 classes there and I heard that spaces are still available so all you brunei'ans who are free ... do sign up for a few classes .... you will not regret it!!!! The luggages are packed and I really have no idea why the bags are sooo full.... And I have not yet put in the clothes too ... Sighz ... seriously .. weighty weight issues ... every time ... argh ... oh wells i still have time to go thru the luggage tmr morning since the flight is only at 2 .. kekek ... and yes ... DUTY FREE BECKONS !!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brunei Alert !!!

And the classes are up!!!!

Irene and Bev have gotten the classes and the prices up and can I tell you what value it will be cause if you sign up for all 3 classes, you get one bonus class free and that class is the most liked in my list .. so u all had better go chope your seats ... Check out class details at their blog here !!!

Here's a sneak of the bonus class ...

Time Time Time Time Time

Where did you go to ... TIME i need more time ... it has been a ridiculous period since I got back from HKG in Sept...

I have been preparing for a wedding ... not mine but the wedding of my cousin SP ... the wedding will be held at the St Regis Singapore, and I will be in charge of the deco for the reception table for the Chan Family Wedding even of the century. Even I am not spared wearing a gown to the event .. Hahaahh .... I definitely will take photos to upload so look out for it.
Brunei peeps .. Wait no longer.... Hehe .. I have been getting messages on FB and my phone as to when to expect me there .. Well all I can say is a weekend in early December... Hahahaha .. And basically .. I will be doing 4 .. Yes... Four Classes.. Lots of techniques and there are classes catered for the Beginner scrapbooker to the intermediate scrapbooker. And there is a special class that I really really really am pleased with the result ... It has topped mine and Irene's favourite list. I will also post when I get the go ahead from the nice gals from Shabby .. Should be anytime soon lah ... But plis go book your space with shabby first ... I heard that half of the class is already booked (yes even before they announced it ) so u all better act fast ...
There will also be a re-run of Junkful of Memories at MWL in Dec ... So do wait for Dec's Loveletter to look out for the classes ..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

check this out!!!!

Christmas just came early !!!!!! 40% off Storewide at Made With Love this 4 days to celebrate their 7th Birthday ... yes 7 glorious years ...

Will you be there for their celebrations this saturday ???? I will .. see u there !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy, Busy Busy !!!

Time has been zooming by recently with sooo much work to do. Been busy preparing for Cousin SP's wedding which has evolved to the WEDDING OF THE YEAR !!! .. and also plus the projects and material lists for the classes in Brunei (which will be soooo different from my usual style), add classes and more projects .. I can hardly breathe... eeps ...

Will post layouts of SP's pre wedding photo shoot here soon .. when I get up to taking photos of them to Ikea tonite to get the frame for the display ... GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

another week has gone by ?

Yes .. since my last post , I thought i was doing rather well with the posting too .. nothing much to show this week,

Went off to Batam last week but even the photos I have yet to upload. HAhahahah ... yes, time seems to be flying faster than ever these days .. I am off again this weekend to Jakarta and this time I really have to bring some SB over there. even to cut papers and stick papers also better than nothing .. am running out of time for a couple of projects. The next few weeks till end of november is gonna be a killer . oh wells .. whatever will be will be .. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Canvas Album for Spool Class Design

Hi Hi..

This is for students of spool-full of memories ...

I have some canvas albums left over from the class and is ONLY selling the canvas album . I have about 7-8 pcs left over and if any of you is interested to purchase them from me, they are for sale while stocks last. Price of the album is :- SGD$12.00.

Please comment here only. I will reply. Meet up at MWL (evenings) or Postage only. First come first get it only. Please indicate Qty also.

Payment either COD or internet bank transfer.

Thank you .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scrapbook Stores in Jakarta

Anybody knows of any scrapbooking stores in Jakarta ?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Class - Made With Love

Brand New Class this month at Made with Love.

Workshops 002

Junkful of Memories

It really doesn’t matter if it’s just black and white cos Sharon’s come up with a really cool project that you won’t want to miss! Create a novel Maya Road box album, using the very attractive Paddington Range collection – a new CHA Summer release from one of our favorite brands - 7 gypsies! And have lotsa fun playing with a variety of patterned papers and embellishments that really bring out the beauty of a black and white palette! You’ll be surprised at how stunning it can be!

What To Bring Along ::
glue tape, foam dots, glossy accents, precision-tip scissors, distress ink (black), heavy duty pen knife/craft knife and pencil.

Dates this months are :

15th October , the class on the 24th of October (indicated in the loveletter) will be cancelled as I will be outstationed during that period . The store will contact the persons who have signed up to let them know the replacement date.

*edit* The replacement dates for the class has been set to 31st October 2010. Spaces are still available for you to sign up if you have not yet done so.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Okay .. here is the layout mich... haha .. and yes I confess i actually ... forgot .. too many things happening at one time and of course my blog gets neglected .

The layout is one of the peektures I took in HKG (dun even ask me abt those pics, only uploaded the photos to mackie.. thats all .. oh yah and to facebook) , this was the day of the typhoon .. yes, going by track record, me and disneyland will automatically generate a typhoon .. oh heck .. me in Hong Kong will auto have a typhoon .. even if the whole season does not have a typhoon, when I get there .. the typhoon will come too ... the photo is very misleading cause it looks like we actually went to Disneyland but all we did was to go shopping at the Disney store at the Hotel .. we did not step into the park at all ...

This layout was done for MWL assignment and we used Basic Grey's Jovial range plus a stipulated die from Sizzix to create.

Well hope you all like it .. will try to update .. and .. Brunei'ans get READY!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello ?

Anybody there ??

Yes I realised that I am such a slacker .. almost forgot I got myself a blog actually. Yes, I have not been updating as regularly as I am supposed to .. but it is all gonna change .. YES ... CHANGE !!!!!
I promise to update weekly ?? haha.. I try i try ..

So that all that come in here will actually have something new to read abt me.

Oh let me recap since the last post ... I actually went to Hong Kong to celebrate my birthday with A and J ... it was sooo much fun really .. I must say that Hong Kong is one of the places that I do not mind visiting time and time again cause of the good shopping and good food .. and this time i even made my way to Lamma Island !!!! My photos are all uploaded to Facebook .. so do go take a look see look see.

I got a layout to upload later .. will do so when I get home cause I have a birthday dinner tonite too ... yes I am still celebrating my birthday ... so do send the presents over ...

so till later .... Toodles

Friday, September 17, 2010

and so ....

Just checking in ... it has been 3 weeks since my last check in from Bangkok ... I am soooo sorry if you peeps have been coming here and not seeing anything added since then .. it has been a "lepak, relac one corner" kind of 3 weeks when I get home from work ... haha .. so nothing new to update... except that ....

I AM OFF AGAIN .... tmr ... to HONG KONG for more 'ME" time ... so ... catch you peeps when I get back ... :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ahhh ... more layouts ...

okay here are more layouts I did over the last week ...


I love this one .. i have no idea what papers I used here cause it was scraps of some paper... Saw the photos and really thought it was sooo fitting ... stamps and glimmer mist from Tattered Angels.. Ink - Walnut Stain, Simple layout but soooo fitting ..


ahhh this layout is abit loud .. but I love the papers I used here .. they are from Autumn leaves frm eons ago and i am happy that I found them while rummaging thru my stash ... Chipboards are also from AL ... Felt frame is cut from a sizzix Die .. and the felt alphas are from Prima .


This layout uses all from Collage Press. The heart Stamp is from Tattered Angels, and the butterfly punch is from Martha Stewart.


This layout uses papers from the Cappella Range from Basic Grey, Butterfly Stamps is from Tattered angels, Glimmer mist frm Tattered Angels, Flowers from Prima and the sentiment stamp is from Fiskars ..

okay 4 layouts for you all .. :) all not my usual layouts but I love them all anyways .. :) heheheh .. no more inks for me for a while ... :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cherish, Together


My Cousin, C, decided that she wants a layout too and emailed me a couple of photos to use. I decided to use this one. Had to blur off abit cause the photo was abit too racy for me.. it's amazing how sometimes, doing simple just gives it the WOW factor ...

Supplies list :

PP: Hambly Overlays,
CS : Black Bazzill, White Bazzill
Flower : Own Stash
Stickers : 7G, 97% complete Stickers
Glimmer Mist : Creme De Rouge




This month at Made with Love, we were asked to use Thickers as our main theme but I found that the color was abit off from my main color scheme so I decided to change the color by putting Stickles on them. It is a good way to change and add some texture to your fonts too. I played with lots of Glimmer mist here .. it was really fun to bring out the bottles of mist and play.. try it sometimes... :)

Supplies List :

PP : My Minds Eye,Kaisercraft
CS : Kraft
Glimmer mist (Dragonfly, Red Velvet, Robin's Egg and Graphite)
Alphas : American Crafts
Journalling sticker : American Crafts
Felt frame : Sizzix (654837)
Flower : Spiral/Garland (655143) and prima
Lace : Prima
Scroll : Maya Road
Stamp : Art Declassified
Stickles : Cinnimmon - Ranger Industries

All available at MWL!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

layout layout

Okay ... these couple of weeks/months you will see alot of this couple on my blog ... because I have been comissioned to do a series of stuff for their wedding ... woooohooo ... okay first layout ... heheeh ... enjoy ...

wedding 1

Supplies list : K&co papers, Glimmer mist (walnut Gold and Tanned Leather), Loads of prima ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's August already ???

U mean 7 months have passed already ???? really ??? gosh ... another 5 more months and the year will end already .. aiyooo .. time is passing too fast already ... We will be having our national Day on the 9th of Aug and this year it will be on a Monday ... wooohooo ... a long weekend ... don't you all love long weekends ???? I do ... cause I get to sleep in ...

am very happy today ... cause why ... dun you realise that this post is written at 10.52pm ... which means ... THAT I AM NOW A PROUD NEW OWNER OF A NEW MACBOOK ... wooohooo ... yeap .. well the macbook is 2nd hand but it was hardly used except to watch movies online from my auntie who so graciously gave me her macbook cause it was to difficult to learn to use ... wooohooo .. shioks eh .... so yes ... i can do all my normal stuff again .. but somehow .. it was bearable without a computer the last 3 months .. yes 3 months without a computer ... ppl are still wondering how i lived .... all i can say is .. thank god for the iphone .. bwahahahahah ..

I will be off to celebrate my birthday in Hong Kong ... the tickets are booked and the hostel too ... so yeah ... HONG KONG LOOK OUT FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am smarter this time avoiding the typhoon season but too bad the sales will be over then ... have grand plans to really go explore hong kong without much shopping ... (see i know myself ... cannot dun shop lah !!!!) but this time i get to go to the islands too .. am very excited ... hehehe .. will also be visiting a couple of scrapbook stores too ...

What else is new ... oh yeah .. so how many of you have already signed up for my class ?? it will be a fun class ... had sooo much fun creating this class and I hope you all love it too .. :)

Okay .. enuff of my ramblings ... am off to play with my new mackie ... tata


Friday, July 30, 2010

head's up - MWL AUGUST CLASS


Check out the sneak of my newest class at MWL in Aug... it is actually a mini album but a rolled up one ... heard that the class is hot hot hot .. and very technique based too be sure to be quick when it launches on the 1st of Aug ... dun say never give head's up to my blog readers...

I will be spending my weekend trying to get ... organized ... yeap .. i seem to be organizing stuff and packing stuff since .... like ages ago ?? but I am getting there ... i have to say .. the shelf has gotten space for the big shot to be placed there ... haha envious ??

on another note .... guess where I will be on my birthday this year .... will be spending it with friends in the pearl of the Orient ... 4 hours by plane northeast of Singapore .... kekekek WOOOOHOOO .. althou it will be a budget trip .. and not much intention of shopping .. It is a trip I am looking forward to because I get to spend it with friends ... wooooopeeedooooooo.... and of course I am gonna sneak in a visit to a couple of Scrapbook stores there too .....

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Tags !!!

More tags!!!

its really fun to be playing again esp when projects are not needed... no deadlines to meet and all that .. its all playing now ... :)


Used this set of Prima Stamps which I actually forgotten that I had ... haahah .. tsk tsk rite ??


More of Tim Holtz stamps ...simply love them ...

Next up ... ADC stamps ... I have the weekend to play !!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

it all started ...

with an SMS ... challenging me to use brighter Distress ink Colors in an altered project after work on Friday by M all the way from KL .. and of course I started to work on them while "watching" TV after dinner .. :) It was soooooo much fun to be challenged and of course I could not stop at 1 tag .. I did 3 ..


My favourite is the blue one but the hot favourite was of course the queen with .... "OFF WITH HER HEAD"!!!!!!

Saturday night came .. and another challenge .. to use the brighter colors in one layout .. and I did this ....


used 1 piece of a Graphic45 Scrap and the rest was stamping and masking with one of Tim Holtz Mask. Kept it simple but anybody see that "ghost" clock from Heidi Swapp from ages ago .. yes I am trying to use up older papers and embellishments from eons ago ... so look out for them yah !!! ....

And the next piece is my favourite.... saw a journal where the artist used the same papers in her mix media art journal and i was super inspired. I did not follow her totally but lifted the banner placement and the piecing of the cut out figures... it was super fun to be playing with paints, inks, mists and masks.... do you like it ???


phew .. quite a long post .. but thats because i had a rather productive weekend ... thanks for the challenge .... next weekend one more ?? bwabahaahahah

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steampunk ?

Would you consider this steampunk ? I am playing ard with alcohol inks these days and I am wondering why on earth did i procrastinate .. its soooooo much fun ... altered a Maya Road Tin ( the one which we get when we buy their chipboard sets) ... inked all over and lots of Maya Road and Ideology stuff here .. plus lots of techniques too ... LOVE!!!!!


All Dressed up !!!

Ahhhh ... Love how this layout came about .. it was all play. taking out papers that has not seen the light of day since .... erm ... the creation of earth ? haha .. would you believe that the papers are from SSFL ? ekekek


This one is for the MWL dares too .. with butterflies and envelope ... lots of recycling here too like the envelope, the Made with Love Label and buttons and ribbons .

TFL !!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Woooohooo ... MWL Scrap Dares!!!

Do you dare ???

The Forum at MWL has a new dare !!! Do check it out here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Were you there ???

For the re-opening of Made With Love last Saturday ???? It was awesome... the theme was all dressed up ,... and all dressed up we did .. at the photo booth where they had all these wigs and boas and bow ties and stuff for us to dress up .... See how the DT's got creative !!!!


The shop looks totally big and bright and sooo good for shopping now. Everything has its own section and sorted too .. and there is even a stationery area !!!! woooo hooo.. check out the pics ....



makes you want to race down eh ??? kekekek .. My loot was not too scary .. only got a "few" stamps ... hahahaahah

I will not be having classes this July at the store but look out for an awesome class in August .. the sample is almost done and I AM LOVIN' IT!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Spools Spools Spools !!!

like they say .. necessity is the mother of all inventions .. and to that i say ... The inability to find spools cheaply and in the size that I want ... makes me put on my thinking hat and created one myself .. I am on this spools craze at the moment and I cannot stop using the oh so adorable Maya road chipboards. Played ard with the Distress inks and blending in such small areas is way fun.

Materials : -

PP : - Prima
Chipboard : Maya Road
Inks : Ranger Ind Distress Inks.
Lace Prima
Pearls : Own Stash
Stamps: Tim Holtz and Maya Road.
Ticket : - K& co
Pins : Maya Road ..


Thursday, June 24, 2010



Brand New canvas I did last nite .. okay I cheated with the background already one ages ago .. when was just bored and just adding texture paste and misting .. gotta love those mists ...

Materials list : glimmer mists, texture paste, pp ( mme, signature life), cage die cut frm sizzix. Butterfly stamp unknown. Flowers and bling are frm prima.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MWL June layout !!!


This month the DT was asked to create using recycled items and mediums and since I re-ignited my love affair with the Distress ink pads, I totally had to use them. My recycled item was a "bubble" box from packaging and a bottle cap. The bubble box was alcohol inked and micro beads was placed in them to create a shaker box. While the bottle cap was used to hold a tiny quote. Journalling is hidden behind the photo Mat. And the tag was made using the paint resist and lots of inking....

Materials :

PP : Tim Holtz Ideology, Basic Grey
Inks : Rusty Hinge, shabby Shutters, Spiced Marmalade, and Walnut stain.
Embellishments : Maya Road Clock Sheers and tattered angels Glimmer Glass.
Mask : Tim Holtz Time Mask
Alphas : American Crafts and Jenni Bowlin
Stamps : Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous

All available from MWL!!!!

This Saturday's Tray full of Memories will be the last class and I am really happy to see new faces as well as familiar faces during the last 5 classes I had . What shall I do for my next class ??? Any suggestions as to what you all wanna learn ? Leave a comment .. :)

On another note ... Made With Love has been shut for the last week but ... come the 24th, they will reopen with a newly renovated store !!!! .. I managed to get a sneak peek and can I say that it is a really big open space now !!!! lots of space for lots of stuff ... WOOOHOOOO .. will u be down ??? i know I will !!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tim Holtz Ink Box



As promised .. here are the pictures for my Ink Box .. I am sooo in love with it too .. heaps of Tim Holtz Ideology stuff .. and also lots of Distress inking and paints. Also if you look clearly ... I also used Tim's papers too ..kekeke .. are you in love yet ????

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chat with me !!

I have added a Cbox on my side menu bar ... chat with me there !!! ... kekek ..

Okay .. still at work .. Gotta go home and take photo of my ink box and the blog will be updated tomorrow .. !!!!

MWL Mid Month Challenge !!!!

This month's challenge over at Made With Love is all abt distressing ( my fav technique)
Distress, Distress, Distressed !!!!!

This month challenge is all about distressing. Play with inks and paints, Crumple and Iron, Mists, emboss... The list is endless. Challenge yourself in changing the whole look of the paper.

You will need to do a layout for this challenge (12x12 only) and also include a fabric that has been distressed. You will also need to have 2 photos on the Layout.

My layout included Distress embossing on overlays, Lots of inking and fraying of the fabric ...

Have lots of inky, distressed fun with this challenge.

What an Inky Weekend !!!

The uber talented Penang Girl came down this weekend and I was all ready to get inky with her. ... Who is she ??? She is non other than IRENE TAN .. she is on Tim Holtz Design team and can I say ... ENVIOUS ENVIOUS!!! cause that is one team I really wanna be in ... hehehehe ....
Well Irene's classes are known to be really inky and inky we got... we played with mediums and inks and really intensive .. i was the deviant student (yes yes ... I am the kind of student I dislike teaching .. hahaha ) I was also lucky to have her as my lunch partner for both days .. kekeek We had my super duper favourite JPOT ... and thai the next .. of course with the lovely Aida and CK...

My Project ....

Basically lots of inky and masking plus some water distressing !!!! ... My album from the class is not finished .. but I am loving the colors already since I deviated from the main scheme of things .. but it was fun to play with alcohol inks again ... had forgotten how fun it was ... Next blog .. will be a post of my INK BOX ... Chow ... look out for it .. I AM SURE U WILL LOVE THIS BOX ....

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Blog Layout ...

What do you peeps think of my new blog layout ?? love how distressed it is .. and the blue ... MY FAV at the moment ... nice eh ??

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am soooo sorry for not updating as much as I would like to these days ... Mackie has finally breathed it's last byte and has gone to the great apple heaven last week. My fault for putting mackie on a HUGE magnetic Cutting mat ... The IT show is this coming weekend and I got my eyes on an iMac this time. Decided that I do not need a Laptop ... so why not go Bigger ... Waiting till the show starts to see what Promo they are giving out.

Just got back from HCMC last week and it was HOT HOT HOT !!! almost 42 Degrees Celcius too hot I say .. but this time I managed to visit the Cuchi tunnels ... It is wayyyyy awesome ...

Photos aplenty but no computer to upload it to .. so you peeps have to wait abit longer ..

On the scrapping side of things, did my 3rd Tray Full of Memories last week and i would call it my international class.. i had students from Brunei (J again ... ) and also Thailand .. Sawadeekapp Thuy... I have also gotten my hands on some BRAND NEW Tim Holtz Stuff ... And my creative mind has been going on overdrive .. just have not had the time to put ideas to projects .. well .. SOON SOON ... :)

Till the next time ... TOODLES !!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Layout !!!

This Month we were given fabrics in our kit and here is my take . I used the Prima Canvas as a Photo Mat , Distressed it with Inks and a quick spray of Dazzling Diamonds. I also ruffled up the fabric which i used to trim below the alphas ..

Patterned Paper : - Kaisercraft, October Afternoon
Card Stock : Bazzill Basics
Canvas : Prima
Mediums : Ranger - Crackle Paint (Brass and White Picket Fence), Glossy Accents, Tattered Angels : Dazzling diamonds.
Embellishments : 7Gypsies ( stickers, Elastics)
Alphas : American Crafts and Making Memories.

All available at MWL !!!


Tonite is the first class of Trayful of Memories... Full Class too .. excited .. I AM .. hopefully the students are nice .. kekekeek which i am sure they are .. :) Cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Class @ Made With Love

WOOOOHOOOOO ... a New Class this month for Made with love and I have to say that I am seriously proud of it.

Trayful of Memories : -

Sharon has outdone herself with this fabulous altered art creative project! Learn a wide variety of embossing techniques and witness the stunning effects of what embossing powders and stamping can do as you alter this one-of-a-kind photo tray from 7 gypsies! What’s more, you’ll get to play around with Tim Holtz’s latest collection of Sizzix dies as well as embellishments from his Ideology series of yummy supplies! This is one exciting workshop for all technique-driven scrappers!!!

What To Bring Along ::

tape glue, glossy accent, foam dots, precision tip scissors, ink blending tool or cut & dry foam

Yes yes yes .. The class is pretty awesome.. Loved creating this project where there will be lots of techniques .. and inky fingers again ..

So have you all signed up yet ????

Also .. have you all seen this yet ?? .. Yeap ... Made With Love is looking for Guest Designers and this call is open to Local entries... quick go apply !!! !...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Classes at Shabby Chic, Brunei

Okay so as you all know already, I flew over a great big ocean to Brunei last weekend to have classes. Okay not really a weekend but over 5 days .. yes 5 glorious days ...

I started my super long journey arriving at Changi at 7 am for my flight .. had to go down to the airport early cause I had over packed and the nice ppl at SQ (yes I am grovelling) allowed my super heavy luggage (26kgs) of stuff on board .. I arrived after a not too bad flight at abt 11am and we went over to B and I's place where i had to repack my hand carry for my one night stay in Miri. We went off to have one of my favourite food in BSB for lunch .. AMBUYAT... with sardines .. YUMMY .. all those of you who have not tried it .. go try it .. it is DA BOMB !!! super yummers i tell u... after lunch we made our way down to KB to pick up J ... it was a 2 hour drive but with car mates like Sootan H and Ahmad I ... it was a rather short ride i tell u .. kekek .. by the way .. i was body guard S ... hahaha We did nothing much in MIRI except to eat, shop, eat, drink coffee, craft, sleep, eat, shop and eat.. before making our way back up to BSB. Food in Miri was fantastic we had seafood at Meng Chai .. those ppl making plans to go there ... MUST go try ok .. the Garlic fish and the prawns is SUPER YUMMY .... also must visit Mr Ho's Fine food too ..german food at malaysian prices ... who can complain .. not me ...

Anyways... back to BSB, Sootan H was really nice to let me stay at her place .. and only one word can describe it .. WOW ... keke .. yes all the rumours abt it is true .. bwahahahah .. but only SHARON can stay in SHARON's room yah .. ahhaahaha .. remember that hor Sootan H .. ahahah .. All i can say is .. I think I can actually now say that I can stay in Brunei ... hehe life is soooo relaxed over there ..

Saturday came and of course the first of 2 classes started .. pics to follow ... basically a mini album .. and the 8 girls who came by .. FANTASTIC bunch u girls .. we had so much fun chatting and crafting .. and of course chocolates will always be welcome in my class .. thank you siew lu .. kekek ... Dinner was at Thian Hock .. another chinese restaurant in Gadong .. Food was also good there .. the fish head curry ... perfect with rice .. i like ... and would you belive it .. after dinner, irene told us that she had a small surprise for us .. we had a MINI class .. where I became student and she taught us a mini album too .. how fun .. we stayed till like 12ish ... before we even packed up to go home ...

Sunday was another class day but this was an early morning class, this time the group of 8 did not disappoint too .. they were noisy and funny .. and was a pretty relaxed class lah ... class over-ran by a bit .. (ok ok 1 hour not abit lah .. but u girls had fun rite ?? ) and after that we had a quick lunch at swensens .. before we went back to the shop to pack up .. but of course .. we did not till much later ... some of the girls decided to finish up the projects for mother's day and we all sat down and chit chat, and ate somemore .. till like abt 4ish -5 .. we all packed up after a call from a husband in KB asking .. "how come the class end at 12 but you still in bandar" .. heheeh but of course .. we did not go straight home .. we still went shopping at SB at an awesome shop .. :) Thank you J for showing us the shop ... hehehe .. den off we went to look for mint sauce but i think that day there was another party who had lamb too cause the 4 supermarkets we went to did not carry them ... too bad ... but I HAVE TO ANNOUNCE .... B is A VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD CHEF!!! .. D u are a very lucky man ... the dinner she made for us was super yummy .. love the salad dressing and the lamb .. JUST PERFECT !!!!!!!!

Hmmz .. this seems to be a very long post yah .. so let me just put up the photos ... enjoy ..






Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back ...

Will update ... soon ...

Monday, April 26, 2010

2 more days ..

.. and I will be off to Brunei ... I will be landing in Bandar and then making my way down to Miri where the lovely H has extended a stay at her home . I heard that there are very exciting buys down there so I am super excited. The luggages are packed.. yes u read it properly, I am bring over sooo much stuff that I have to actually hand carry my clothes.. I have ONE WHOLE LUGGAGE FILLED TO THE BRIM with kits and yumminess....

On another happier note, I heard that both the classes are full already . I am very very grateful for the trust in signing up for the classes without even seeing the samples. Truly I am grateful .. If this works out .. maybe the classes will be taught ard the region too. Let your LSS know and I am sure we can work something out.

only 2 more days .... wooohooooooo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Classes @ Shabby Chic

Yes yes .. if you have gone here, then you would know that I will be in Brunei at the end of the month. Celebrate National scrapbooking Weekend with me there. I will be having 2 classes.. totally awesome classes by the way ... heheh check it out and quickly register.... i heard that the classes are almost full ... Details below : -


Travel "Gypsy" Style
Saturday, 1 May 2010
3 - 7pm
B$90.00 per person

Go on a colorful, free spirited journey with us and experience a gypsy style that is full of textures and colors as we use a whole range of wonderful goodness from 7 Gypsies, Prima, Pink Paislee, Making Memories and Sizzix. We will be using Tim Holtz new range of dies - Alterations. Learn new techniques as we play with Distress Inks, Powders, Overlays and Mediums to create an album perfect for your travel memories.

Participants to bring:
8 x 2R photos (sepia tone)
Precision Scissors
Ink blending tool with foam or Cut and Dry Foam.
Mini Misters
Foam Dots/ pop up Dot
Paper trimmer


Shabby Chic
Sunday, 2 May 2010
9am - 12 noon
B$85.00 per person

Got weakness for all things pretty and shabby, then come join us as we explore new ways of scrapping on Canvas. Experience the beauty and magic of scrapping Shabby Chic Style with a whole range of yummy goodness from Prima, Webster Pages, Maya Road and Tattered Angels. Get the know-how of adding just the perfect touch to your canvas with the use of blings and blooms and learn how we layer papers, use mists and stamps that would make you go .... " OOOOH LAAA LAAA" . Using a sweet color palette of browns, pinks and greens, this canvas would make the perfect gift for Mother's day.

Participants to bring:
1 x 4R size B/w or Sepia tone Photo
Precision cut Scissors
Sanding Block
Adhesive (Liquid and tape. Beacons is recommended)
Paint brushes

so do go down to Shabby to register and reserve your seat ..

Friday, April 16, 2010


This do do bird has just realised that actually you peeps have been commenting and need me to okay the comments before publishing .. got me worried that nobody reads my blog anymore :(

and yes Janiah, Plans are finalised and YES I AM GOING TO BRUNEI at the end of april for 2 classes @ shabby chic. it is amazing how much I enjoy going to the sultanate and meeting all my friends there again. I am soooo looking forward to meeting up with the girls .. and of course my lovely "twin" there too .... so girls in brunei .. do sign up for the classes. SEATS ARE VERY LIMITED ...

What else have I been up to recently ? Well I have been pretty busy designing classes not just for brunei but also for Made with Love. Yes, I have a class starting in MAY and of course I am chanelling my inner Tim Holtz to this class .. Amazing end project if I should say so .. so do watch out for it.

In response to recent commentors ..

Mich : Kekeke .. rustic colors hor ..

Teri : Go to Gal .. you are THE artist .. ur work is awesome ..

Piradee : haha ain't that amazing, was just telling aida about that spinner...

Dizzycat : Yes cousin ... your cousin here is at your command .. :P

Okay signing off now .. toodles ..

Monday, April 12, 2010

MWL Overlay Month

This month we were given a clear album with Overlays to work with... It gave me a major headache as to how to work with it but eventually this is the end result. A mini album for my cousin for her wedding. It got pretty easy after the photos went in and i started embellishing ... I really missed those 7G 97% complete stickers ..

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am sooooo sorry that I have not updated my blog for the longest time .. It has been a super long time since u peeps have seen me rambling in here.

Well, I have been kept busy travelling in the first 2 months of 2010 and was able to "rest" from flying in March (well almost, was supposed to be in Taiwan and Hong Kong mid March) .. and I will be starting to travel from April- May .. kekeke Plans have just been finalised and I do know of a certain someone who would actually pop a champagne bottle if the country was not DRY...

Well .. on the scrappy side, I have been kept busy creating a few .. YES U HEARD ME RIGHT .. I am now creating a few projects, so keep a look out for it .. On the DT front, here are a couple of layouts I did for MWL in March where we were showcasing .. FLOWERS .. prima to be exact .. how can we not lurve them ?

Layout : Newport Beach - using MME papers


Layout :Life Unscripted - using Websters Pages Papers


BREAKING NEWS : - Anybody seen this yet .. MWL is having this awesome crop ...

WOOOHOOOO .. all things TIM HOLTZ .. how fun right ?? those who know me knows how much I love his products .. esp his distress stuff ( stickles, crackle paint, inks .. oh god ... how i love those inks ... ) .. so are you gonna be there ???