Sunday, November 30, 2008

almost the end of brunei ...

yeah .. gosh .. the past few days have gone by soooo fast .. and I'll be leaving tmr ... how how how fast .. still having a blast of a time here .. am now in shabby using the lovely Irene's computer to update my blog while lia is having her 2nd class here .. she is such a trooper that girl ... She was soooo nervous before but now is teaching like a pro here .. gosh .. she has to teach in Singapore too .. the projects she created were lovely ...

My class will be tonite and am i nervous ?? not really .. only because i know the people that will be here and they are such a fun bunch especially maya, janiah, jackie, hilda, all of you are such a hoot to be with ... Thanks for coming by my blog ... :) really really appreciate it :)

And also brunei scrappers , dun forget to come by Shabby for their awesome anniversary sale ... 30% off everything except the die cutting machines like the slice and sizzix . how awesome eh .. :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am in Brunei ...

WOooohooooo .. Yes yes yes.. It is soooo fun here .. Lia and myself have been really fed well here too .. all i seem to be doing is to eat , scrap and sleep .. how's abt that ... cannot be any better seriously.

We are staying at the Rizqun and the hotel is beautiful .. have not been sleeping well but enough to get some rest .. :) . We went sightseeing yesterday and we went to a mosque near yahyasan (Sp ? ) and also went to look at the kampung ayer (me and lia did not have the guts to go on the boats..) the water was wayyy choppy .. and also to go see the palaces .. I wanna live there too .. hahahah .. sooo big the houses ...

Yesterday, we also had the crop at SC and boy was it fun .. it was such a blast .. 12 really fun, noisy and funny girls came and had such a fun time where i shared 2 projects and played games ... Brunei-ans really know how to have fun ... :) :) :) ...

I have pictures but we do not have internet access in the room at the moment so I cannot upload.. will try to get access in the room soon .. :) in the meantime .. take care .. and to my students in my class tmr .... read properly okay .. there are answers to my questions i will ask in the class .. hehe .. good luck

Thursday, November 27, 2008

okay ... i am ready

leaving very soon for the airport .. gosh .. it has been some time since i last woke up before the sun and I am sluggish ... how how ?? another 2 hour cat nap on the plane (yes have travelled enough to be able to sleep on a plane now) and I will be meeting the girls at the airport (yes bev and Irene) .. hahahah .. if not .. u will see 2 super blur girls looking very lost at the airport .. with huge suitcases .. hahahaaha ..

okay ... gotta go check my luggages and stuff to make sure I have everything ...

Till brunei ... toodles

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's tmr

yeap in abt 12 hours .. I will be boarding a plane to get to the oil rich sultanate of Brunei ... can't wait to meet all the bruneian scrappers there .. and also do some sight seeing ... heheh .. yes i heard we will be going to the water village, nodding donkeys (watever is that ?? ) and also empire hotel .. excited I am ..

And to those who are coming to the classes .. get ready for some really great fun .. cause i know I will .. and the crop .. ooooh laaa laaa ... cause i have a couple of projects to share .. .. it's ready .. yes .. simple but nice stuff ... :)

wat else .. yeah .. i am still packing ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 more sleeps ...

and I will be in brunei .. how awesome is that .. hheheh ..

packing like mad .. YES I AM STILL PACKING ... and for those who will be coming to the crop ... there will be a secret project ... hehehe .. have u all signed up yet ???

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Weekend

Yeap ... had the busiest week ever ... and even included the weekend too .. did not feel relaxed at all .. been bz since monday .. see last post ..

Had the Second of my Merry Go Round class today and I guess what they say about experience the 2nd time round makes things easy .. It was good that I had a smaller class that day cause today ALL my students managed to finish their box ... and one even her album . .. and all within the time limit .. one even finished 45 mins before time .. how cool was that .. :) Thank you gals for coming to join me in this class .. :)

Packing for Brunei is more or less quite done except for my clothes and stuff .. the SB stuff that I am bringing is done .. so check list is rather okay already .. BEV AND IRENE .. dun faint when u see me at the airport with huge suitcases .. There better be good shopping there .. if not .. i will be lugging KERO-POK home .. hahahaha

tmr is the start of a short work week for me .. 3 days and I will be off ... wooo hooo.. but i have dinner appointments every single day ... and there is a huge pile of paper work for macho pawz to do before brunei .. gosh ... I need to slow down .. now if i can only bring MP paper work to work .. ahahahaha ... shhhh dun tell the bosses .. HAHAHAH

Okay toodles .. I need to go sleep cause my feet is killing me .. 5 hours on my feet is BAD!!!!! ..

Another Project using the awesome Sizzix

Hey Hey

Has it been a week already ??? Have been really really bz this whole week .. but still not bz enuff not to create .. Made this uber fast mini book last nite .. :)

TFL !!!

Also had a meeting with Kristy for Far Flung this week and have finalised some stuff for CHA and also the papers to bring to SC . Did I tell u the papers are just awesome ?? well they are .. seriously .. cannot wait for the papers to arrive and play ..

Guess who was in town this week also .. the fab Kah Mei Smith of Fontwerks .. Yeap she is back in Singapore again and we had dinner and coffee at Dempsey .. was really nice catching up with her and i cannot belive that in a couple of months we will be meeting again .. yeap at CHA .. 2 more months ... wooohooo ..

Well, tmr I will be having another class at MWL ,heard that it will be a full class so totally cannot wait to teach tmr .. wooohooo ..

Better rest early ... full day tmr .. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

A bz bz weekend

so wats happening with me .. well this weekend was all abt crocs, majong and scrapping .. hahahah

yeap i went to the Crocs sale and got me a couple of really comfy shoes in preparation for brunei and CHA ... then majong with the relatives where i lost some $$$

and I SCRAPPED TODAY ... finished up some DT projects for MWL and Shabby ..

and did i tell u how much i love the big shot . even mom is now hooked on the machine asking me to get more dies .. peng san ... really really have to thank MWL for giving each of the DTs a machine each and I am having sooo much fun with it ... It is really a dream machine cutting all sorts of materials and wat nots .. Below is a sneaky of the project done using the big shot machine

Used quite a lot of textures in this project using corrugated cardboard, Foam, Texture paste with Glimmer mist and chipboards... It is really a lovely project which I enjoyed doing althou it took me the whole day today .. waiting for things to dry ... ..

Well .. thats my update .. Will be back soon .. hopefully with more projects ..


Friday, November 14, 2008

PACKING .. my bags

wooohoo .. in 2 more weeks this time, Me and lia would be in Brunei .. how cool would that be ..

I am now starting to pack pack pack .. or rather sorting out what I'll be bringing to Brunei... and let me leak out a secret .. I have things like albums .. stamps.. embellishments and kits for my class participants ... just a little thank you for all my brunei friends ... all these will be given out during classes and also from what i heard .. shabby also has stuff for class participants and I heard that the manufacturers were really generous .. so what are you all waiting for ... sign up for all the classes there during their birthday celebrations and get ready to PARTY!!!!!!! .. i am really excited ...

the countdown begins ..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


ahaha .. I am gonna go watch DISNEY LIVE ! presents three classic fairy tales .. bwahahah .. yes yes .. I managed to win tickets answering CNA's Prime time Morning yesterday and today i got this in my email ...

Congratulation! You have won yourself a family set (4 passes) to watch Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales on 18th November from the ChannelNewsAsia Morning Show

Yeap yeap .. if you all saw PTM this morning with the results .. no 3 SHARON CHAN is moi .. bwahahahahahah ...

happy happy .. another scrappable page

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just have to post ...

I am sooooo loving the Big Shot .... I am getting inspired ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MWL's Sizzix Launch Party

Today's the Launch Party for Sizzix... @ Made with Love .. Totally fun product and from what I heard it will be an Awesome party.

See u there ...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

oooh .. Another Class

Hey Hey ... to all my bruneian readers and scrappers ..

As you all may know , Erlia and myself will be boarding a plane to get ourselves there to celebrate Shabby's 2nd Anniversary later this month. I am so excited and when I saw that the class sneaks are up, I cannot resist and had to post this too ..

Check out the classes here ... Do come and join us in celebrating Shabby's Anniversary ... see u all there ... 26 more days to go !!!1

yes .. it's November and time to announce ...

Yes yes yes ... I am now part of the Made with Love Design Team. Yeah i know abit anti climatic since I dunno how some of you peeps knew but I still wanna announce it .. YES I AM PART OF THE TEAM. MWL was the first LSS I went to when I started Scrapbooking 3 years ago. The gals there were soooo nice and patient to tell me more abt SB and 3 years on, I am now part of the team. I am humbled and also honored to be in the team full of talented girls like Erlia, Emeline, Aida, Jacq, Merdrey, Leena and the rest of the girls .. . It is sorta like a home coming since i practically stay there too.. ehhe

And I will also be sharing a class there this november and December too .. Called Merry Go Round .. It will be a technique based class, using the wonderful stuff I love like the Distress inks and also Glimmer mist ... Do sign up for the class at the store ... :) cannot wait to see u all in class ...