Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Queen Hilda just arrived home !!!

Hahaha ... I just had to post this cause something white, pink and furry arrived home with me today after meeting Hilda and Emily. Thanks to QUEEN HILDA THE DIVA, queen hilda the cooking hello kitty is sitting pretty on my bed ... she comes complete with baking tray, Oven mitt, Rolling pin and also not forgetting, Pink Fluffy Slippers and .. of course she cannot go bottomless, she has to have a pink slip too .. satin no less .. HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME with Em and Hilda today ... It is amazing what Stuff toys, 3 grown women and 1 kid can do to make ur day ... I think I will have sweet dreams tonite .. heheheh ..

THANKS AGAIN YA ... LUV U TOO HILDA ... (now i am just down to 984times I have to hear u say love u sharon ... hahahaahah) *HUGZ*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Has it been a week ???

Ago that I was in Hong Kong ??? Waiting to see if the typhoon was gonna hit Hong Kong ? Gosh, 7 days ago I was in bed watching TV in Yau Ma Tei and today I am blogging about it .. how time flies .. Okay .. This post is actually my Shopping post .. hahaha .. Yes .. I have to blog about this trip and the MAD shopping that was actually done in Hong Kong ...

First Up ... This Set of HELLO KITTY Plush toys that was launched on the 2nd of July this year, a partner of Mcdonalds Hong Kong and Kitty Lab ... I fell in love with this set and after panic calling Ada in Hong Kong, I managed to score a set of this adorable kitty .. YAY!!!!! LOVE U ADA .. Thanks for dragging the set all over Hong Kong for me .. hehehe

Next up is the photo of my Kitty Buys in Hong Kong, Basically bought from Sanrio, the $10 shop below the Guest House, Relay Bookstore and also H&M ... basically bags and more bags ...

And my BOUNTY of Hello Kitty Bake and Cookware from Cake DIY in Fo Tan, It was an adventure as I have not ventured out of the main shopping belt of Hong Kong and this time, I had to take the MTR, and then the KTR(which is the rail System) and also a mini bus to get to this industrial area of Fo Tan to get to the store, which is basically a wholesaler of Kitty Stuff ... here is my LOOT .. haha ... yes I have grand plans of making Kitty Bentos .. but .. erm erm ... we'll see ...

And of course here is my loot for my SB hobby .. Managed to source for a store in Central that sells rubber stamps and of course since their prices are about 30 - 40% cheaper than in Singapore, I had to buy some ... and I HAD HAD HAD to visit LOG-ON which is part of the city super chain of stores and they had really nice stuff .. got me some journal books and the Travel and Post Stamps .. and of course the MT tapes which I had been lusting over since I saw Patrick Ng's Blog .... I of course needed ... TOO MUCH .. hahahahah

So there you have it .. my loot from Hong Kong, of course there are more stuff ... got myself a fie fie Lepin Bag and also 2 pairs of shoes, and of course since Uniqlo was on sale ... 5 Tee- Shirts ... but they are not as interesting as the pink stuff abv .. hahaha ..

till the next post .. enjoy the weekend !!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

And I am back again .. again

bwahahah .. ok ok .. finally finished with my jetsetting july ... Had a great time meeting up with friends and hanging out at the sales this time in HONG KONG ... but .. what is it with me and typhoons in Hong Kong .. Touched down in HKG on Friday and was told that a typhoon was heading our way... and on saturday .. it was raining and by abt 3pm .. typhoon signal no 3 was hoisted ... geez... and of course .. me and A hung out as late as possible and I was back at the hotel by abt 9ish .. cause the typhoon was gonna hit and signal 8 would be hoisted at abt 11pm .. .. Woke up on Sunday .. and saw the news and apparently Signal 9 was hoisted that night .. I was happy .. cause by the time I woke up .. it was downgraded to a no 3 typhoon .. which means .. I COULD GO OUT ... and off i went ... kekekek ..

Basically Shopped like mad .. and ate like mad .. my feet are killing me now .. ahahhaha .. but I am happy .. when can I do something like this again .... Need more jobs ..

Friday, July 17, 2009

and I am off ....

yeap .. for the last trip this month ... off to Hong Kong for some R&R ....

a few firsts for me in this trip .. cause I will be taking a public bus from the airport to the guest house ... and also a first time for me staying in a guest house .. and also first time budget travelling in Hong Kong .... exciting ...

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am back again .. haha

okay .. the plane landed in Singapore abt an hour ago and I am back home from what I call my second home .. Brunei .. (not that I stay there permanently, but the people I met there and the friends they have become has made me state on black and white that .. it is my second home.. u people have become family to me now .. I miss u gals already .. and it has only been 3 hours since we parted .. )

The weekend was a blast and every single participant in the class was really fun, sorry i made u girls rush thru at the end as I know some of us had a long drive back to KB and most of them were just tired from the busy weekend .. I know I was. Thank you, Bev and Irene for hosting us .. and just making sure that we were all well fed and well shopped .. haha .. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart ..

The class went pretty well and I did leave alot of you confused but I absolutely LURRRVEEED your layouts ... I hope you all left with a little spark to get messy with your layouts and experiment with paints and mediums .. will blog more with pictures soon .. I hope to get the photos uploaded soon ....

3 more days to my next destination .... HONG KONG !!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

It is ... 11.28am ...

and I am so not ready. So much for my pre-packing , organizing and blah blah blah ... I am still not yet packed ... yeah and I have to be at the airport in an hour .. bleah indeed .. Actually ... i am sorta packed but am running ard thinking .. yeah did i have this in the bag or not ? or did i remember this .. I have to really remember my PASSPORT too .. now where did i put it ?

And yes I heard from the girls that there are still a couple of seats available for the classes so HAVE u all signed up .. i know who did .. and I LOVE U ALL FOR IT .. I promise it would be a blast ... Mine would be the last class of the trio ... and I cannot promise that you will have flesh colored fingers and hands when u get back to work on monday .. but at least u know .. the paints will bring back memories of a fun filled weekend together .. hahah .. okay ... last minute warning ... BRING YOUR aprons .. really .. and wear black .. plis do not wear white ... cause I cannot promise you that the white will stay white .. hahaha ..

Okay ... I gotta go and shower and start doing last minute checking .. so see u all in SHABBY ...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Okay .. so I got it wrong .. gosh .. hahaha Now I know how many Brunei-ans read my blog .. cause my email was BOMBARDED with .. BRUNEI DUN HAVE MPH BOOKSTORE .. ok ok .. me fault .. I got the correct bookstore too .. ahahah .. it is in GADONG mall too .. it is the BEST EASTERN BOOKSTORE .. so u all can go to the book signing and then come to my class .. how nice right ?

2 more days ... cannot wait ... I have already checked in for my flight .. gawd i love technology .. I have my boarding pass already .. and i heard .. the papers I will be using for my class .. will be on it's way to Shabby Chic tonite .. and I heard some really cool news abt the courier having PURPLE HAIR .. this I gotta see ...

okay .. off work now .. gotta go have din din with work people ..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am back!!!

yeap .. finished leg 1 of my jet setting July .. and I just got home and unpacking ... why .. cause i need my luggage to pack for leg 2 .. yeap .. .. and am I excited now ... it is now only 3 days or rather .. 2 days to ... BRUNEI .. 3 more days to the start of the Designer classes at SHABBY CHIC .. woooohooo .. have u all signed up yet ???

Back to HCMC .. this time was such a blast as I had a chance to really view the city .. while on a CYCLO .. yeap .. it was a scary experience but .. a really nice one .. photos will have to wait as I am going off to bed now .. hehehe ...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Class Schedules

Well in about 12 hours I will be boarding a plane for HCMC for work ... 2nd time this year ... Tiring but hopefully alot of work plans would be settled and then I can start enjoying the next weekend where I will be in the nearby regional sultanate of Brunei and then off to Hong Kong the following week for some R&R.

7 months has passed since I stepped into the sultanate last year not knowing what to expect but 7 months after, I know that I will be in for a jolly good time .. The Girls in Brunei are just awesome (ok ok i know that I am repeating like a broken record but .. u girls really RAWK!!!!) and this time .. Kristy will be also doing a Book Signing for her awesome book, ASIAN SCRAPBOOKING at the MPH Bookstore in Brunei ...

I have the dates for the classes ... have you all signed up ???

Saturday 11th July 6-9pm

Lia Abdullah

Thankful for my blessings

Sunday 12th July 9-12noon

Emily Zhang

Celebrate my life

Sunday 12th July 6pm -9pm

Sharon Chan

Get messy with paint