Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yeah .. anybody remember the IRC .. Goodness, I was re-introduced to the IRC by LY recently and boy has it changed. Those people who knew me pre scrapbooking would know how addicted I was to it . It was the cheapest way to keep in contact with family and friends, and was the way to know people from all over. And boy did it bring me friends from ALL over. I had friends from the States to Belgium and even Ghana. Hahah .. and it also brought me many times of sorrow and heart break too, but the fun and enjoyable days were way more. Many of the friends I made in those years are still friends now and I do know of alot of friends who managed to hook up thru the IRC. It was the way to develope relationships in those days. I remember the days with my "papa", "mama" , the huge group of "kor kors", "jie jies", "mei mei" and "di dis" . haha, those were the days playing with bots, channel wars and god knows what else. Seriously fun and innocent. And I have to seriously thank a person who really helped me in those days with my economics and marketing papers. He was a real marketing genius who was a great help in giving me ideas and his help in editing and correcting my homework .. THANKS HEAPS .. u know who you are,

But ask me now would I be addicted to the IRC again. Well, the few hours I went into IRC this weekend tells me that .. NOPE I will not be venturing into this world, for once, it will no longer be the same, the amount of guys looking for a "good time" is seriously screwed. Haha ,.. seriously, do you wives even know what your DH's are up to in the IRC. It was also super funny when LY msged me that a gal msged him telling him that a BJ/HJ cost SGD$200.00 , and it even came with an address, Mobile number and Name... goodness.. What is the world coming to. that is some serious business exchanges out there manz .. can u imagine how much a night would cost. Also, do they realise who they are making out with ? Seriously, do they know the sexual history of these IRC partners ? Gives me the shivers ...

Good Mail Day

Kekek .. Not the SB kind .. but more of the Mario Kind ..

Ada has sent me these really cute Mario Phone Danglers and Mario Screen cleaners ... how cute rite ?

Ok Ok .. now now .. quit with the u are too old to be gushing abt such stuff hor ... aahah I am not that old hor ... :P ..

on another note. I am now sick ... really sick with the flu bug .. the works manz .. went to see the leng chai doctor yesterday and I am on a course of antibiotics....sighz ...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Off to HCM City

Yeap ... off to HCM City in Sept .. :) ..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hong Kong Trip - Part 3

Guess what, I just realised that I took almost every type of Public Transport available in Hong Kong..I took the :

The Star Ferry - Taking this 1 day after the Typhoon 8 Warning Signal was hoisted was actually pretty scary. But suprisingly, the ride was rather smooth.

Taking the Mini Bus :-

Yuppity yup .. this was my maiden ride on the mini bus, yes those kind you watch in those HK Drama series .. way cool .. :)

Public Bus : - Took this from Central IFC to Stanley Market, quite a scenic route we took .. did not take any photos of the bus thou .. ;( but if you want to have a way fun ride for a couple of bucks, this is the bus to take cause it brings u up and down the steep slopes of Repulse Bay and Aberdeen. And also the curves it takes along the hillside ..and add bad visibility to the mix, you have a ride way better than space mountain ... :)

MTR : - this is my way preferred choice of public transport in HKG, very fast and efficient and the best thing is almost everything is near a MTR station. The trains are also very clean and have this super high tech system to let u know by blinking lights on the stops which the train have passed in the train maps ..

The Disney Train - This is the coolest train ever, with everything disney. Love it. And I found out one little snippet of useless info ( hehe ) , The Disney Train will never arrive at Sunny Bay Station when there are other trains waiting for passengers to board. It will be the only train at the station when the train arrives. cool eh .. :)

Taxi : - Took a short taxi ride from our hotel to Harborcity, a really huge shopping centre with almost 700 shops ... less than 5 mins ride but hey it still counts rite .. but the one funny thing abt HK taxis is that they allow 5 passengers in the taxis .. yes adult passengers .

and all these .. you can pay by using the oh so easy to use octopus card

Travelling ard Hong Kong is relatively easy. Most of the street signs and buses all have their destinations stated in English and Chinese so getting lost is not an easy thing to do . And their MTR system is so easy to use.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Congrats to ANNIE

Annie from the Team gave birth to a darling baby boy early this morning .. coming into this world 3 weeks early ... wooopeeeedooooo .. happy happy for her and wil... Congrats babe ...

Hong Kong Part 2- Stanley

Well as you peeps know, I met up with super duper typhoon pabuk in Hong Kong so we were all confined to being indoors most of the time. But thanks to Ada, I managed to take that almost roller coaster 40 mins bus ride to stanley where I went way overboard in my spending .. I even bought a chinese seal with my chinese name on it .. sounds like a scrapbook page coming along too .. just need to get it back. Here are some pictures of stanley ...

Stanley Street Sign ... :)

Picture of my yummy "lai cha" (milk tea) and Butter'ed Toast .. had it in a very quaint shophouse along the lanes ... yum yum ...

This is the main lane of Stanley where they have really nice cafes and restaurants with a fantastic sea view

This picture is of the back of stanley but to those who is going to stanley by bus this will be the view u get ... plenty of ang mohs .. :) which is great cause then I can find shoes and clothes in my size rather than the puny sizes u get in the malls .. :P

My loot from Stanley stands at :

Chinese Seal with Name
"SHUANG XI" lithographic print
1 pair of patent red shoes
2 t-shirts
5 pcs of linen laundry bags
1 pair of flo jo slippers

and .. thats alll ... :)

Next post will be when I go galivanting ard HK island .. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hong Kong Part 1

*photos overload*

Like my previous post, Hong Kong was a blast ... had great fun meeting friends (A, H and H's wifey) and too much shopping, bu
t it would have been really fun if I gotta go to disneyland. Yes, I did not get to go into disneyland at all. Argh rite ? All because typhoon warning signal 8 was hoisted 20 mins before I arrived at the entrance ... argh .. had to go back to the hotel. And it was raining at whole 4 days I was there and the sky sorta only cleared when I WAS AT THE AIRPORT waiting for my flight to go back .. talk abt a big huge bummer.

Okay enuff of whining .. and on with the photos. I was kinda disappointed with the photos thou. For a scrapbooker, I was kind lax with the photo taking here are the ones that I have that can see the light of day .. :)

Disneyland Resort Station - all aboard for the disney train ... hehehehe. Love love love the train. Esp the seats cause it was really unlike the normal train. Was more like a sofa .. hehehe .. and those statues of Disney characters .. nice .. and was a mickey overload with the famous ears everywhere .. see the windows ..

Disneyland Hollywood Hotel :- Was quite cool, Highly recommended if you wanna do the whole disney experience .. see the first picture ? The clouds were moving very fast and very dark, was pretty scary actually .. :) Love the last picture, was trying out my new lens and taking the shot thru a mirror .. :)

and what was a gal to do stuck in the hotel ??? she goes shopping .. hahaha .. yes the first picture shows the loot I got after spending 1 hour at the Disney shop in the hotel lobby .. hehehe .. quite a lot hor ...

Even the food came in Mickey shaped containers .. pretty cool eh .. :)

I am back!!!!

Yipeeedooo .. Yes I am back from HKG .. The trip was fun fun fun, lots of walking, eating, shopping, drinking and quite a bit of photos... which is great. Thanks to Ada, I did many many things out of the touristsy areas ... And also made my maiden trip to N.T. Only bummer was that we had typhoon warnings every day we were there and it rained everyday ...

Will Blog more when I get home .. with pictures ...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Mel has just informed me that .... HKG has just issued a TROPICAL CYCLONE 1 warning ... on the eve of my flight there .. and the cyclone is set to intensify tmr .. great eh ... JUST FRIGGING GREAT !!!! .. which means .. i may have to invest in a mickey mouse umbrella .. or a raincoat .. which is .. ARGH ...

okay back to packing me bags ..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Countdown Begins

..... to Disneyland ...

Yeap yeap .. Leaving on National Day for a Super long weekend break in HKG .. off to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore ... woooohooo .. I am super excited .. got me $$ changed and bags (not packed yet) ready ... and the best thing of all .. I am meeting ADA who is bringing me shopping ( Don't know if I've changed enuff $$$) and also Hoffrey and the rest of the NC gang ... yipperoooos Me is excited ... EXCITED .. I have my itinerary all planned out and hopefully I get to do everything on the list .. keep fingers crossed ..

My personal Itinerary looks like this

Day1 : After Hotel Check In - Dinner with CT .. and den meet up with ADA at 8pm for some spot of shopping ( Mongkok's Langham Place, Ladies Market)

Day 2 : Disneyland , Ngong Ping and of course the factory outlets in Tung Chung

Day 3 : Wong Tai Sin, New Territories (my first time that far away from the city Centre), Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

Day 4 : City Tour with the tour Group ( gonna do the touristsy stuff like aberdeen, The Peak, Repulse Bay blah blah blah ... and back home ..

Looks rather packed rite ?? i think I better bring good walking shoes .. I LOVE HONG KONG .. cause everytime I go there .. I can eat eat eat and not put on weight .. cause of all the walking ... I am already drooling thinking of Mak's Noodles and Yung Kee .. and those Egg Tarts .. and the milk Tea and the dim Sum .......

48 MORE HOURS ... wooooopeeedoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Simpsonized ...

I got simsonized .. kekeke here is how I will look if I was in the simson's world ... hehe

I also scrapped .... Can't seem to upload it to the FFC gallery .. so I am posting it here ...

A very simple layout thou ... and did it 6x12 only because I wanted to save paper .. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've been Tagged

Here are the rules: The Rules are: 7 random things about me and then tag 7 others to do the same. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment in their blog.

OK, so here are my random 7 things:

1). I love eating weird stuff (like Duck Intestines) ... shall not post too much them up here if not I will have green peace coming after my back , but I Stop at Brains, liver, and really exotic animals .. like civet cats and flying bats .. eeks ..

2) I once was so home sick I lost 4 dress sizes .. and dun ask me how I put it all back on, I can only say the arrival of a friend's mom cooked me to the point of no return.

3) I am a larzy arse and will not move me butt unless it is scrapbooking related (work is another matter - That is where the moolah comes from to scrapbook)

4) I can survive on just potato chips, cup a soup, coke and ice cream for 4 months.

5) I can survive without TV for 6 months.

6) I can be very reserved (contray to popular belief)

7) I hate dentists to the core and will not see one until it is at the point of no return .. and then regret why I did not see the dentist earlier .. ( I blame my School Dentist for it ... )

I tag anybody who wishes to do this .. because I have no idea who reads this ... ...

kekek .. okay just found something really funny just now .. will take a screen shot of it at home and do a blog post on it.. ..