Monday, August 13, 2007

Hong Kong Part 1

*photos overload*

Like my previous post, Hong Kong was a blast ... had great fun meeting friends (A, H and H's wifey) and too much shopping, bu
t it would have been really fun if I gotta go to disneyland. Yes, I did not get to go into disneyland at all. Argh rite ? All because typhoon warning signal 8 was hoisted 20 mins before I arrived at the entrance ... argh .. had to go back to the hotel. And it was raining at whole 4 days I was there and the sky sorta only cleared when I WAS AT THE AIRPORT waiting for my flight to go back .. talk abt a big huge bummer.

Okay enuff of whining .. and on with the photos. I was kinda disappointed with the photos thou. For a scrapbooker, I was kind lax with the photo taking here are the ones that I have that can see the light of day .. :)

Disneyland Resort Station - all aboard for the disney train ... hehehehe. Love love love the train. Esp the seats cause it was really unlike the normal train. Was more like a sofa .. hehehe .. and those statues of Disney characters .. nice .. and was a mickey overload with the famous ears everywhere .. see the windows ..

Disneyland Hollywood Hotel :- Was quite cool, Highly recommended if you wanna do the whole disney experience .. see the first picture ? The clouds were moving very fast and very dark, was pretty scary actually .. :) Love the last picture, was trying out my new lens and taking the shot thru a mirror .. :)

and what was a gal to do stuck in the hotel ??? she goes shopping .. hahaha .. yes the first picture shows the loot I got after spending 1 hour at the Disney shop in the hotel lobby .. hehehe .. quite a lot hor ...

Even the food came in Mickey shaped containers .. pretty cool eh .. :)

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