Saturday, April 28, 2007

Scrapbooking - Labor of Love?

Over MSN earlier this morning :

K - "the forum" is really a labor of love ... no real returns ...

which set me thinking ... Scrapbooking, the forum and being involved is really a passion .. a passion to really want to bring scrapbooking to another level in SG. I am in abit of a pain at the moment with the commitment level some of us are bringing into the team/ the forum. It is hard when I cannot get the level of commitment I need or even answers and also in the search for our missing "team" members.

There is alot of not open knowledge stuff that I will not post here, but I have to put it down on record that .. I am very tired .. tired of chasing after stuff.. tired of being the cheerleader ... and I might just fly that aeroplane once and never come back ...


Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun with Fontwerks

Finally .. It is over. Have been having such a huge rush anticipating Fun with Fontwerks and now that it has ended.. it is surreal. Having a celebrity Scrapbooker come down to Singapore to teach was really fantastic and thanks to the gals at TVC, my cousins that made it all happen.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dinner with the Smiths

Back from a wonderful dinner at Jumbo .... with the smiths.. and of course my cousins .. Thanks cousins for the dinner .. ehehehehe Conversation was wonderful, and emily was such a doll and her jokes were really funny .. :) .. managed to learn what manufacturers are looking out for when they choose their design team, what goes on before CHA .... was so fun and an eye-opener ... Cannot wait for FWF now ..

Marrying a rich enuff man ....

Conversation with A earlier today ....

S : I love being on leave
A : so lucky ..
S : I think i love this too much ... Need to find me a rich man to allow me to not work and create the whole day .
A : ME TOO!!! ...

hehehe ..

Okay off to dinner with the smiths .. and YES .. MY MOJO IS BACK ....


I am on leave today .. for 2 whole glorious days .. and I intend to fully make use of it to .... LAZE ard ... 1st day of leave today and it is now 5pm .. wat did i do today ... well I woke up at 12pm .. YES .. 12 NOON .. wooohooo .. can you belive it .. yes me being the pig that I am .. anyways .. I have cleaned up my scrap area, arranged the papers (i swear those things just gave birth or something, i dun remember me having bought that many papers .. i swear ... ) and den making a fine mess again ... M call earlier and asked me to have dinner with Mr and Mrs Smith plus kids .. and maybe I will. Tmr will be a bz day with me going to TVC to help pack and move stuff to the event venue. And den to Telok Kurau to pop into E's new studio (cannot wait to see the space she created for us to gather.. ) and also down to MWL for the make and take . it is gonna be a super bz day tmr .. and for saturday when Fun with Fontwerks with Mrs Smith will happen .. whooppee doo ..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Searching .... Waiting

I have been super in-efficient these days .. especially with scrapbooking. It might be that I am sick and tired of scrapbooking(horrors of all horrors) but this came out in a conversation with J the other day .. "know why we cannot stop scrapbooking ... because we invested too much in it ..." Looking at my stash it sure looks that way ... but on another note .. I am finding that ... I have not enuff stuff ... and nothing really to inspire me .. maybe I am just too scrapped out ? or shopped out ? I am super stuck in a rut ... Bleah .. hope tmr brings better layouts .. they better be coming fast and furious cause I have so much to do ..

Have just finished a layout for K and it is sorta okay.. Used some really old hambly and it is in pinks, greens, blue and yellows .. think indian colors .. or rather my intepretation of the colors .. Got one layout thought out in red, pinks and Yellow .. will try those colors soon ...

On another note ... Scrapventure is out .. check it out at TSL .. it is gonna be so fun .. cannot wait ..

6 more days to a day with Kah Mei ...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Another ARGH post !!!

Have tried scrapping today, finished the ATC and Tags for the swaps .. but is stuck at the layouts .. I am super uninspired these days ... Have already wasted 3 cardstocks and 2 patterned papers ... just for one layout .. i wonder how many more paper I will have to waste .. have decided not to force myself to continue and stop for dinner and a break .... no point wasting time and paper to just throw it out.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Argh ..

no time to post .. will try to post ,... bz bz bz time .. list to do today :-

1. Pack room,
2. ATC 3 Swap Cards
3. Tag Swap Cards
4. Asian Dares Layout .. got an idea .. just need to put the &#$(*&#(*$ idea onto paper .. :P
5. FFC DT layout and project
6. Think of Description for upcoming project for event.
7. Homework for Fun with Fontwerks class ...
8. Clean up room again after that mess....
9. Sleep....

Monday, April 2, 2007

Stamping Class

I went for my first class in Stamping today down at Prescence (Coronation Plaza, go there and say sharon told you abt the place .. wahahahahah .. macam like me name very big like dat .. but no discounts hor .. wahahahahah ). Teacher Joan is a very nice lady and very very patient. Love going there as it is a Rubber Stamp haven. Super fun too as it is a one to one class and I learnt to blend colors using the ink brush pens, and also embossing and glitter ... Joan is one talented lady too .. her card creations are really lovely. See what I did earlier.. a card and a bookmark .. absolutely love those froggies ..

Sunday, April 1, 2007


1st of April .. Sunday .. and for the first time in weeks/months/years .. I woke up early .. early enough to go down to cedele for breakfast with the aunt and cousins ... fantastic breakkie .. shopped abit at wheelock .. Noo .. did not go to SDU/LP just walked in to say hi to the gals only ... and after that was a quick stop to the temple. I am not religious but I really like going to this temple which mom goes rather frequently. It is not the garish garish red gold ching chong temple, but more of a zen-ish looking one .. Took a photo of it .. now tell me .. does this look like a temple to you ?

I miss my Mommy !!!!

Mom has gone on a super long holiday to Hong Kong and her hometown of Shun Tak in Guangzhou Province .. and I miss her ...... ok ok .. I miss her cause i realised that the house is super duper messy ... and having to do my own laundry is .... AGRHH .. how on earth did i go thru soo much clothes over the week .. 2 loads of laundry .. seriously 2 whole full loads .. argh ... and the mess in my bed room .. argh .. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. but with her not ard, this gives me a good chance to give my room a good cleaning and also start throwing away stuff .. that has been sitting ard for the longest time ...

Mommy will be home tuesday .. cannot wait .. now back to the wash ..