Sunday, July 22, 2007


Am blogging because there is nothing much to do while waiting for songs to be downloaded to my nano ... yes .. finally gotten ard to charging the darn thing... it still works .. not bad .. :)

now to find a gold cover for it to match me PSP ...

I scrapped ...

Well .... Slept Rather late last nite (nope not with playing with my PSP, it is still in the box it came in .. ) but because .. I SCRAPPED .. 1 layout and I made a notebook for K .. I love the note book thou .. love the print and also the chipboard .. and the ranger daubers are fantastic ... no brushes to clean at the end of it and they dry super duper fast .. :)

Here is the Notebook : -

*picture removed*

Used :- PP (unknown), Alpha (chipchatter, painted green using MM paints), Charms from Far Flung Crafts, Maya Road Chipboard pattern, Paints : - MM and Ranger Ind.. Glitter glue : Ranger Ind.

I also scrapped a layout .. kekeke not very happy with it but at least I scrapped ..

image removed

Credits : -

PP :- Luxe Designs
Alpha : - Heidi Swapp
CS : Bazzill
Ink : Tsukineko Dew Drops
Journalling Card : 7G
Rubon : MM

There .. thats what I did for my weekend .. how did yours pass ??

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My New Toy

I have a new toy ... look at my baby .... wooooohoooooo... Yes I have a Brand new GLAM GLAM BLIINGGYYYY GOLD PSP ... cannot do much with it yet cause I did not buy any games or Memory Stick for it YET ... but managed to ask L to get one for me with his fantastic Lobang ... kekekek ... But let me say a BIG THANK YOU Yi Yi for it .. kekeekek ... yes it was a gift .. :)

Went out to have Dim Sum at Man Fu Yuan at the Hotel Intercontinental today .... YUMMERS ... super yum dim sum .. bill came up to quite abit for 4 persons .. but totally worth it thou .. :)

TSL seems to be down ... AGAIN ... sighz .. we really should look into changing ...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hibernation Mode

I have been super slack recently .. bascially nuah-ing ard the house and not doing anything. Have not really scrapped for the fun of it for ages, but I sense some urge bubbling up for me to scrap ... Have designed something for The Velvet Cat for their anniversary next month .. 1 year .. has it already been 12 open houses ? good golly gosh gosh .. time has really flown .. Well want to know what I've designed... check it out .. at their blog .. erm .. soon i guess.. wahahahah ..

Leaving work soon to go down to Laines... got a class there tonite .. 6 students.. cannot wait ... Sharing has always been good for my mojo .. Hopefully I'll scrap later tonite with a layout to show .. soon .. ... *keep fingers crossed*

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Visit to the Dentist!!!

arghh (seriously need to change a new way to say hello eh .. )

Just got back from the dentist .. 3 new fillings .. and still have to consider the root canal thingy .. doesn't look very good from the sound of it ....

To my dears outside, please take care of your teeth .. if you are afraid of the dentist ... come find me .. i intro u to my doctor .. he belly good one ..

Monday, July 9, 2007

Batam was fun

Yeap Yeap ..

Batam was fun fun fun ... did not buy much from there except my jco doughnuts and 4 bottles of body scrub (9000rupiah abt 1.55SGD per bottle) .. but I did my hair .. it is now a color called sweet chocolate and with streaky blondish highlights (cost me only 60 bucks for my long hair) such a deal .. and the stylist was very very good .. luv luv luv it ... and the prices for their hair spa is fantastic too ... next time I am going to do their hair spa .. best is that they use l'oreal products too .. so when shall we go to batam again ?? soon I hope this time 2 days 1 night .. den can shop shop shop and spa spa spa ... whooop pee dooo

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

So DeaD So DeaD !!!

Arghhhh ..... (why do most of my posts start with this ??? )

I am soooo dead so dead ... I have double booked myself on the 14th .. and so dead am I ... bleah ..

And Meeting K tmr at MWL to hand her my layouts for the book .. I must say her book is coming along very nicely .. and with her new stuff .. I am sure it is gonna be a great great book .. wooohooo ...

Monday, July 2, 2007

In my Quest to find Jco Donuts ....

I am going to BATAM this weekend with S and J .. bwahahhahaahh ... how mad is that .. but yes... A&W rootbeer float and Jco Donuts ..woooooohoooooo .. and not forgetting the stuff that is available there like Indonesian Polo and Levis .. and also the massages ... bwahahahahahahaahahah