Saturday, July 21, 2007

My New Toy

I have a new toy ... look at my baby .... wooooohoooooo... Yes I have a Brand new GLAM GLAM BLIINGGYYYY GOLD PSP ... cannot do much with it yet cause I did not buy any games or Memory Stick for it YET ... but managed to ask L to get one for me with his fantastic Lobang ... kekekek ... But let me say a BIG THANK YOU Yi Yi for it .. kekeekek ... yes it was a gift .. :)

Went out to have Dim Sum at Man Fu Yuan at the Hotel Intercontinental today .... YUMMERS ... super yum dim sum .. bill came up to quite abit for 4 persons .. but totally worth it thou .. :)

TSL seems to be down ... AGAIN ... sighz .. we really should look into changing ...

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