Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost pass a quater of the year already ....

... and I have been travelling every month since the year started ...

Jan :- Last Minute Trip to BKK with J ..

Feb : - CHA trip with FFC ...

March :- BKK and JKT ..

and the rest of the year ???? ......

Dunno ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

packing ...

to go home.. it sure has been a looooonggggg 5 days... and I cannot wait to go home tmr .. kekek buggered that we are not able to get an earlier flight so the normal late flight will be the confirmed one ..

Got another meeting tmr morning and I am done .. Have heard horror stories about mangga Dua .. so I may not be going there .. so maybe will go to EX mall instead ..

I just got back from a dinner meeting .. and boy did it took long manz ... kekeke .. it is now 11.30pm jkt and 12.30am tmr in sg .. and i just finished dinner *burp* .. went to this really cool place thou for seafood .. it is some sort of theme park (ancol) and it is actually similar to Seafood Market in BKK and SG ..just open air and u eat al fresco .. beside a river ?? bwahhah .. lucky it was late and cannot see the water ...*bleah* ..

Got a few photos .. will download in SG .. :) ..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bored in Jakarta

today was quite a bz day for me .. went up north of JKT to meet a client (abt 1 hour drive away) and den went to another client's place near the hotel .. and walked back to the hotel (i think my lungs are full of exhaust fumes) .. braved crossing a big road without traffic lights (scary shit) ... but was quite an eye opener .. so far ..

Jkt traffic would actually be quite good if only there was proper planning in the first place but den again is now too late .. wanted to go check out a mall in the evening but decided against it when I figured that it would take me abt an hour in traffic (peak Hour) and den by den the shops would be closed so I am stuck at the hotel eating room service and watching Cable TV ... and surfing .. gotta make my money's worth ..

Tmr will be a long day with the remaining customers to visit and waiting for another one to arrive from Surabaya .. and maybe if there is time .. to go check out the night life in JKT with Ciska .. kekek .. oh well .. will see if it will actually happen .. heheheeh ..

Helllooo from JKT

Yeap I am in JKT .. today is already the 3rd day in JKT and caved .. caved in for internet Access .. cannot tahan without lah .. :P

Waiting for a client's driver to come pick me up at the hotel to take me to their office and den another 2 clients for today and free time tonite i hope ..

trying to get an earlier fligght home on thursday.... wish me luck

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hey Hey ... I am at the airport blogging from a really crappy computer ... the mouse does not work .. eeks .. kekek .. I am waiting to board my flight to Jakarta ..

A real wonder .. Duty free shopping does not do anything to me these days .. how sad ...

Friday, March 14, 2008

and I am packing againz ..

yeap .. in abt another 36 more hours .. I will be flying off again .. this time to the capital of a neighbouring country .. quite excited as I have never been there before ... and also getting to meet Ciska ... but monday will start another week, another round of meetings again before coming back late thursday .. but at least I have the long public holiday to rest .. and yeah .. the cough is still here .. sighz

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am back

I am back ... and I am sick .. BKK was EVENTFUL .. want to forget some stuff so I am not going to log it in here .. but ... the trip was good business wise .. but .. ARGH ..

Now to go fight that darn throat infection and chesty cough i got .. ARGH ..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Packing Again !!!!!

Yes, I am packing my bags again .. this time to BKK .. Will be away for 4 days .. not for holidays thou so dunch need to be envious .. will be there for work .. last min indication .. ehheeh

Was quite funny cause I was just thinking to myself .. hmmm need to get Uncle J to get me my Aromatherapy stuff from panapuri .. and the next day boss said .. book ticket to BKK .. bwahahah so at least I can get my Lemon grass essential oils ..

So I will be away but I have the Macbook with me .. so I should be contactable .. unless .. P Princess dunch have free wifi ..