Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Helllooo from JKT

Yeap I am in JKT .. today is already the 3rd day in JKT and caved .. caved in for internet Access .. cannot tahan without lah .. :P

Waiting for a client's driver to come pick me up at the hotel to take me to their office and den another 2 clients for today and free time tonite i hope ..

trying to get an earlier fligght home on thursday.... wish me luck


..feli.. said...

hi sharon!

so where did ciska bring you around to?

sharon said...

i went to senayan city ... and somewhere called heritage .. am trying to get to EX mall later but I heard it closes at 8-9pm .. so i am still deciding if it is worth to brave the jam to go for that 1 hour or so ..

..feli.. said...

i have never been to those places you went to. haha!