Tuesday, January 29, 2008

oooh .. loo-key .. another post

Oh wow .. look .. my table is now so neat .. bwahahah .. nah .. this was taken with very poor light and was neat-er cause I had not started on my project.. it is now looking worse for wear ... anyway ... see that shelf in the corner .. that holds all my wood mounted rubber stamps .. nice ???
A closer look at the shelf .. :)

Just Finished this little birthday book . One of my projects for Far Flung Crafts using their bollywood papers .. :)

It's upside down again as I dun know how to do this mirror reverse thingy .. kekekek

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Good Golly Gosh .. I never realised how many ppl reads my blog .. until Terence MSN'ed me abt me going to CHA ..

I wonder how many ppl actually reads .. I know a few of my SB friends read my blog and leaving me comments. But how many of you do read ?? maybe I shall do a give away of RAKs soon ?? hehehe .. now no time lah .. maybe after CHA ?? eheheheh

This weekend has been rather busy for me ... Made some pineapple Tarts for CNY .. not as many as previous years .. but at least some for guests that are coming over ..

I also popped by Ikea yesterday afternoon quickly to get this shelf i have been lusting over and I finally got it .. Did it up and now it is sitting pretty on my table with all my wood mounted stamps on it .. Nice .. I likey ..

Spent today out shopping for New Pillows and Bed Sheets for home and went to the Hair dressers for a quick trim before CHA .. kekeke .. needed to get some volume off .. Dinner with the family and we will be having an early reunion Dinner next saturday .. Plans for this week will be a quick meet with K to get the stuff I have to pack for CHA .. and another quick stop to Ikea (did I ever tell you how much I LOVE IKEA ??? ) .. to get curtains .. I need new curtains as the ones I have now are all old and holey .. kekekeke .. Promise to get some shots of my new Scrap Area and room when it is all nice and neat .. Am doing up some small projects for CHA so it is quite the mess now .. :)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Prepared for CHA ??? .... .. I AM NOT

I've been blogging abit lately only because i have so many things on my mind atm tat I have to put this down somewhere ..

CHA Checklist :-

1. Get notebook to list the TO - GO places.
2. Get Luggage out of Storage
3. Check airline baggage allowance - is it to and fro or just from LA
4. Find a pair of shoes that will make my feet not hurt after standing for hours (To lose weight at this point in time is a waste .. it ain't gonna happen over night.. finding a pair of shoes is easier .. I THINK !!!!)
5. Find nearest Target store and check out outlet addresses, - (remember to do shopping list ... )
6. Find nearest rubber stamping and SB store .. (shopping list to be done soon in a futile attempt to budget)
7. Find time to go to Disneyland .. will be contented with Disney store shopping at least. ( MY NEMISES.... I SWEAR I CANNOT RESIST THE DARN MOUSE AND THAT DARN BEAR !!!!)
8. Get handcarry bag ready ... - Camer, PSP, Nintendo, Mackie, Hopefully my ipod touch (if I ever get it ... heheheeh)
9. Remember to pack Make and Take stuff
10. Remember to pack "uniform"
12. Get my list of Manufacturers booth to visit during free time .
13. Pack stuff for classes.
14. Set alarm clock for early morning flight. eeeekssss
15. Target more scrap-pages for K
16. Remember all of the above.

and that is just for CHA ...

cutting and cutting

What have I been busy with ....

Measuring and cutting ... cutting and measuring ... counting and counting and stacking and stacking ... Far flung craft papers for the make and takes for CHA ... K would be pleased to know that the papers are all cut except for the extra inchies ... hehhe .. WOOOHOOO ..

is holding their final and last clearance sale starting tonite ... It is kinda sad to see TVC closing after 18 months ... been with the gals since the start and boy would I miss the Open houses and all the conversations abt wat to bring in and nots .. and what I will miss the most are the TVC customers/friends who never fail to pop by for the monthly open houses .. It was fun but we still can meet up other ways eh .....

Another 12 more sleeps before I board the flight to HKG and thereafter anaheim... kekekek .. like I told K during our meet earlier ... IT IS GETTING MORE AND MORE REAL ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Has it been that long ???

Since I last posted.... kekekek .. been abit busy these days with what I wonder.

Was away for a few days in BKK and BKK did not disappoint.. Managed to squeeze in all that I wanted to do and shopped and massaged and ate .. and ate and ate .. too much .. peektures soon .. I plomise .. not much thou .. did not drag out my DSLR ard the streets of bkk .. it was shoulders for shopping or camera .. and guess who won .. :)

Am quite bummed that there may be a HUGE possibility that I may not make it to Disneyland during my stay in Anaheim cause I have classes on that day .. 2 infact ... argh .... I want me mickey mouse ears ... bleah .. and just discovered that the rental of a car may not be a possibility cause it will cost too much ... and so my outlet shopping trip may also be gonez ... thank goodness there is a target nearby the hotel ... bwahahahahahahah ...

okay so 14 more days to CHA ..... cannot wait ..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

One more month

to CHA Winter ....

I have just booked my Classes for the Convention, will be taking 3 classes .. whoopeedooo .. cannot wait to attend ... Hopefully I will get to go learn some new stuff and can share with the rest ... :)

1 more month and I is getting excited ... hehehe ...

Leaving for BKK next week .. too .. yay ..

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So I spent the whole of Friday Evening and Saturday morning watching the whole entire series of COFFEE PRINCe .. and I am soooo loving it ... it brings me into a SAPPY mood ... and make me remember certain parts of my life and so wanting to relive them again but the memory is best put into cold storage ... the abv video is one of my fav parts in the movie .. how nice it would be to be woken up with such a sappy love song ... me is soooo loving gong yul in the movie .. now if they actually have such men in real life ...

*note to self*

Get back to reality ......

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Korean Dramas again`

started watching Korean Dramas again and geezzz ... this is super irritating ... arggh ... is this the start of marathon Drama nights ??? sighz ..

FYI .. watching Coffee Prince now .. New year , New Droolsworthy korean guy ???

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It's here ... 2008 ... wooohoooo ... may this year bring much happiness and joy to all ..