Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Prepared for CHA ??? .... .. I AM NOT

I've been blogging abit lately only because i have so many things on my mind atm tat I have to put this down somewhere ..

CHA Checklist :-

1. Get notebook to list the TO - GO places.
2. Get Luggage out of Storage
3. Check airline baggage allowance - is it to and fro or just from LA
4. Find a pair of shoes that will make my feet not hurt after standing for hours (To lose weight at this point in time is a waste .. it ain't gonna happen over night.. finding a pair of shoes is easier .. I THINK !!!!)
5. Find nearest Target store and check out outlet addresses, - (remember to do shopping list ... )
6. Find nearest rubber stamping and SB store .. (shopping list to be done soon in a futile attempt to budget)
7. Find time to go to Disneyland .. will be contented with Disney store shopping at least. ( MY NEMISES.... I SWEAR I CANNOT RESIST THE DARN MOUSE AND THAT DARN BEAR !!!!)
8. Get handcarry bag ready ... - Camer, PSP, Nintendo, Mackie, Hopefully my ipod touch (if I ever get it ... heheheeh)
9. Remember to pack Make and Take stuff
10. Remember to pack "uniform"
12. Get my list of Manufacturers booth to visit during free time .
13. Pack stuff for classes.
14. Set alarm clock for early morning flight. eeeekssss
15. Target more scrap-pages for K
16. Remember all of the above.

and that is just for CHA ...


Anonymous said...

is the trimmer dead???? We must find replacememt blades for you :-)

sharon said...

Yeah .. the trimmer is dead .. but I have contacted MM with regards to the trimmer and Jana is trying to sort it out for me... MM has really good customer service .. :)

But the good news is .. The papers are all cut .. so *phew* but some have furry edges .. ehheeh