Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's the Weekend !!!

Hoooorayyyyy .. was a mad week at work this week and I am sooooo looking forward to the weekend .. wats on the cards ????


Which is good ..

Hope to do some scrapping .. need to finish a baby album for a friend.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

whoa .. another one .. - Scrap lift of AE

ali 's Layout .. My Take on Ali's Layout .

Decided to take up the SI challenge at TSL .. A really quick one which was actually quite fun to do .

Chocolate Revolution

Credits :

PP : Creative Imaginations
CS : Bazzill
Grunge Board : Tim Holtz Elements Harlequinn
Inks : Tsukineko
Glimmer Mist : Tattered Angels
Journalling Tag : Creative Imaginations
Alpha : Foof-a- Bets

Wooohooo another layout ..

12 years ... 5 times

Credits :

PP : Bisous Bzoo
Card Stock : Bazzill
Flower : Heidi Swapp
Alphra : American Crafts and EK Success
Charms : Far Flung Crafts and unknown
Stickers : 7 Gypsies
Grungeboard : Tim Holtz Ideology Elements
Tools : Fiskars Border Punch , Ranger inkssental Pen

Friday, May 23, 2008


Michael !!!! .. I FOUND UR EYE .. bwahahahah .. actually managed to find the original peekture .. so will post it up tonite when I get home ...

I Sooooo wanna scrap now .... actually bought the elements grunge board from scrappingville last weekend and will use it .. look out for it .. soon .. bwahahahahah

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I did the stoopidest thing

while trying to edit the photos i took in KL .. i managed to lose Michael's eye .. bwahahahahah .. so funny thou and I do not have the original cause clever old me deleted it from the memory card .. so wanna see how Michael looks like without his left eye.. bwahahahah ... (pssst ... he is very available too .. .. but main criteria for being his gf is that she has to be willing to move to KL .. )

Had dinner at alexis in Bangsar.... and the food there is super yumz .. did not take photos of our food but I did of our drinks .. kekekek ... Guess the difference ...

hahah ... looks alike rite ... except for the slice of lime and the other one Lemon ... hahah they both taste the same too ....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wonders of the Internet

I have just finished speaking to a friend over skype .. T is in Seoul, Korea and is a friend whom I have known for almost a decade .. 10 years ago I was still editing his english essays and stuff and now he is making plans to get married, and migrate to Australia for good.

I have been meeting friends lately from my pre SB days and is feeling rather good and thankful for friends like that .. take M for instance, I met him while I was in Australia and He was in Manitoba and the thing that made us meet was the IRC .. yes .. hahahaah the internet Relay Chat .. . Can u imagine .. 12 years ago a Singaporean and a Malaysian had a short chat and 12 years later we are great friends and confidantes ... even thou we have only met for a few times these last 12 years we have stayed friends and chatted thru MSN after returning back to our home countries... I must have been really good to have friends like that in my life..

Also my bestie Michelle who is in Beijing at the moment .. luckily for email and daily updates, I am sorta living my china adventures thru her.. althou i know that she is rather lonely there but Mich .. DUNCH worry .. T said that it is velly cheap for him to go visit u ... so maybe u can expect him to pop by before he leaves Han guk ....

These friends are sorta the anchors in my life.. ppl whom I look to when I was rather messed up and pulled me up from the deepest of despair.. and thank you M for responding to my desperate long distance SMSes for help .. and those comforting words... MUAKZ .. ..

something to ponder abt

a friend sent me this email and I found it to be a sign ... something which I have been pondering abt lately ..

>>>>> What If You're Dead Tomorrow? <<<<<


Life is full of uncertainties, more so in this century. Almost every week, you hear of sad natural disasters like Cyclones hitting Myanmar, Earthquake in Si Chuan and many more. It's a tough world out there. More importantly there are 6.6 Billion people living in this vulnerable world.

You are but 'One' of the 6.6 Billion people utilizing earth's resources but are you making the best of it? How have you repaid the earth? No I'm no Al Gore and the purpose of this email is not in asking you to protect the earth's and adapt ways to conserve energy.

Life is Fragile. What if you're dead tomorrow? What happens? The first thing that comes into your mind is your wife, your children, your parents, your in laws...the list goes on and on. You think about money...which should be the least of your concern. Why?

As I said before, there's 6.6 Billion people out there. You are but one of the 6.6 Billion. If you do your maths, it's really insignificant. So, what are the things that matter? Money? How many certificates you have? How big your business is? How many assets you have? Friend, all these means nothing if you've not repaid the Earth!

What do I mean by that. It is simple, how many people's life have you impacted? How many people's life have you helped turned around? How many people have you helped. Basically, we come naked into this world and we'll leave naked as well. We can't take any of our physical assets, certifications, money with us. What we can leave behind is our legacy.

What legacy? It is what you want to remember for. I have a habit of taking a peep at the obituary everytime I see the newspaper. I always look at the deceased and wondered what have they accomplished in their life time. Sometimes, you see awards like BBM, PBM which accounts for nothing.

I have to confess I've got a self professed theory. That is, if you're not contributing to mankind, there's no meaning in you living on this earth. That is, you're just a consumer of Earth's resources and have not contributed to it. Then, God will kind of tell you to hand in your ICs earlier. (IC = Identity Cards)

The fact that you're alive, is God telling you your time is not up yet. You'd better do something. You'd better contribute. You'd better help more people. You'd better leave a legacy.

I know there are many of you who are barely making ends meet. Remember, your current situation is the result of what you did for the past few years. The equation is pretty simple and you need to work backwards.

No Goals = Mediocrity = Barely Make Ends Meet
Big Goals = Life of Abundance = Helping More People = Leaving A Legacy.

Start building your legacy now. Set a big goal in how you're going to help more people and who knows, during the process your life will change tremendously and you'll achieve your goals and leaving a legacy at the same time. Be thankful you're still alive and don't assume the Angel of Death is not knocking on the door soon. Start working your butt off and contribute to the Earth by helping more people. Maybe God will see that and let you live longer to accomplish your goals.


P.S. - It's Vesak Day and sorry for letting you think hard on this one. Just wanted to make sure you're on track to leading a meaningful life.

P.P.S. - It's getting late now but I do appreciate comments on this. By the way, I answer all emails.


Edmund Ng
CEO, President

Monday, May 19, 2008

I am back!!!

yuppitty yup .. I am back from KL .. and I had quite a blast there ... :)

got to meet up with really old friends, chilled out with them, talked abt old times and the future and kept up to date with their lives, pretty cool too . Was happy at how some of their lives have turned out after they took the risk and came out to do their own business and how it is now thriving .. happy happy ..

KL was also my shopper's haven .. hahaha .. yeap .. got meself a brand new shoe wardrobe (7 pairs) and also clothes .. woohoo .. all those plus sized gals can now go to Miss Read at the pavillion to shop for clothes at super cheap prices too .. and I also went mad at xixili .. kekekek

Am now planning in my head .. when the next trip to KL is cause I sure had a blast with M Kor kor and KK ... wooohoooo

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Class

Yeah .. tonite i just completed my last class at Laines for this month and I had a good time ... even though i had only 2 students but it made it more managable for me and the gals had heaps of fun experimenting .. Thanks Sandra and Carol for taking the time to come down and play ..

I am off to KL for the weekend and hope to check out some SB stores there ... thanks to Carol for the heads up ... yeah Carol is a true blue KL lang and has told me which ones to go to .. ehheeh .. and thanks for coming all the way to do the class .. appreciate it .. :)

Okay gotta run cause I need to wake up in 4 hours to catch the bus up .. :) .. and I will not be having any internet access so my next post will be when I get back ..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

Just came back from teaching a class at Laines .. and boy was it fun .. I even had a girl from HONGKONG come in .. and also a singaporean staying in HK ...

Sorry gals for making you do so many techniques in one class and making u peeps like BLUR .. kekeke . *note to self* .. do not incorporate too many techniques in a class .... *

me is tired now and still got to think of wat to wear to the wedding tmr ... *dread*

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a weekend

It has been a scrappy weekend for me and it started on friday 2nd May with 2 classes with Kah Mei Smith .. the talented owner of Fontwerks ... (the 2 finished albums are in the 2 posts below).... and with NSD yesterday at the LSS and me winning more stash ... wooohooo .. and today i stayed in and finished the 2 albums added pictures and embellishments ...

It is now almost 8pm .. and I wanna go find me some dinner .. kekeke ..

Fontwerks Class - EACH ONE

Here's the finished album of the 2nd Kah Mei Class I took ... it was supposed to be an album abt 2 persons in a person's life but since I did not have them ... I did it as an album for my CHA pictures ...

Cover of my Album ...

Page 1 and 2 ...

Page 3 and 4

Page 5 & 6

Page 7 & 8
Page 9 & 10

The back of the album ... KM .. Love your technique to do this patchwork without much work ... u sooooooo clever ... ehheeh

Fontwerks Class- BEST OF YOU

Really enjoyed the best of you class with Kah Mei Smith on Friday 2nd May ... It also helps when you have a crazy Cropping Partner with Kristy .. kekeke .. Pictures of the Completed Album below ... enjoy ....

Back of the album
Friends Page
Innocence and Family Page
Dream and Shopping Page

Drive and Read Page Travel And Journalling Page
Cover of the Album ...

Thanks KM ...

National Scrapbooking Day !!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day everyone ...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Blue Layout

A very blue layout ... a color which I avoided for the longest time but I kinda like it ..

Title and journalling reads : -

Be more concerned abt your charecter instead of your reputation, because your reputation is who others think you are, but your charecter is who you really are inside. It is the summation of your desires, attitude, innermost motives and thoughts when everything else is stripped away ..

PP : Jenni Bowlin
Alphas : a mixture of EK success, MM, AC and Heidi Swapp
Flowers : Prima
Bling : prima and Kaiser
Frame : MM
Overlay : Over the Moon
Bingo Card : Jenni Bowlin
Ink : Dew Drop
Stickles : Ranger Turquoise

and yes .. i think i found my mojo ....

TSL is currently moving Servers .. and will be up at abt 6 am 1st May .. and check out TSL's Search for a SCRAP IDOL .. hehehe