Tuesday, May 20, 2008

something to ponder abt

a friend sent me this email and I found it to be a sign ... something which I have been pondering abt lately ..

>>>>> What If You're Dead Tomorrow? <<<<<


Life is full of uncertainties, more so in this century. Almost every week, you hear of sad natural disasters like Cyclones hitting Myanmar, Earthquake in Si Chuan and many more. It's a tough world out there. More importantly there are 6.6 Billion people living in this vulnerable world.

You are but 'One' of the 6.6 Billion people utilizing earth's resources but are you making the best of it? How have you repaid the earth? No I'm no Al Gore and the purpose of this email is not in asking you to protect the earth's and adapt ways to conserve energy.

Life is Fragile. What if you're dead tomorrow? What happens? The first thing that comes into your mind is your wife, your children, your parents, your in laws...the list goes on and on. You think about money...which should be the least of your concern. Why?

As I said before, there's 6.6 Billion people out there. You are but one of the 6.6 Billion. If you do your maths, it's really insignificant. So, what are the things that matter? Money? How many certificates you have? How big your business is? How many assets you have? Friend, all these means nothing if you've not repaid the Earth!

What do I mean by that. It is simple, how many people's life have you impacted? How many people's life have you helped turned around? How many people have you helped. Basically, we come naked into this world and we'll leave naked as well. We can't take any of our physical assets, certifications, money with us. What we can leave behind is our legacy.

What legacy? It is what you want to remember for. I have a habit of taking a peep at the obituary everytime I see the newspaper. I always look at the deceased and wondered what have they accomplished in their life time. Sometimes, you see awards like BBM, PBM which accounts for nothing.

I have to confess I've got a self professed theory. That is, if you're not contributing to mankind, there's no meaning in you living on this earth. That is, you're just a consumer of Earth's resources and have not contributed to it. Then, God will kind of tell you to hand in your ICs earlier. (IC = Identity Cards)

The fact that you're alive, is God telling you your time is not up yet. You'd better do something. You'd better contribute. You'd better help more people. You'd better leave a legacy.

I know there are many of you who are barely making ends meet. Remember, your current situation is the result of what you did for the past few years. The equation is pretty simple and you need to work backwards.

No Goals = Mediocrity = Barely Make Ends Meet
Big Goals = Life of Abundance = Helping More People = Leaving A Legacy.

Start building your legacy now. Set a big goal in how you're going to help more people and who knows, during the process your life will change tremendously and you'll achieve your goals and leaving a legacy at the same time. Be thankful you're still alive and don't assume the Angel of Death is not knocking on the door soon. Start working your butt off and contribute to the Earth by helping more people. Maybe God will see that and let you live longer to accomplish your goals.


P.S. - It's Vesak Day and sorry for letting you think hard on this one. Just wanted to make sure you're on track to leading a meaningful life.

P.P.S. - It's getting late now but I do appreciate comments on this. By the way, I answer all emails.


Edmund Ng
CEO, President

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