Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Was browsing ard the blogs and found out abt wacom Bamboo fun tablet and I am hooked... I did some snooping ard and read great reviews for it too ... Maybe a new toy next month ?? bwahahahahah ... Anybody has any comments on the new need of mine ??? would appreciate any .. heheheh .

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on Piggie leg

An Update ..

Went to the sinseh earlier today and apparently my stoopid sprained ankle has a torn ligament and I have to not be able to walk too much or stand .. have to sit and keep the ankle elevated .. sighz ... no shopping for me any more these days ..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Literally .. Piggie leg

I literally have piggie ankle now .. twisted my ankle yesterday ... haizzz ... now .. disgustingly Black and blue ...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Back

I'm Back in SG now .. and suprisingly I am not jet lagged ... kekekek .

Came back via Tokyo instead of HKG as was supposed too cause we got offloaded... hehhe ..not that we were complaining cause cathay was super packed and SQ had quite an empty flight ... and I managed to get 3 seats to have a good lie down sleep on the plane...

anyways I am back now .. will try to post pictures and stuff soon .. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


yes ... we are all CHA'ed out ... tired as hell .. my feet hurts ... must have walked heaps of miles the last few days and I am ready to go home ....

K is out cold in the room and I am blogging from the hotel lobby and I have to say ... the cortona Inn sucks HEAPS HEAPS ...

I am leaving for the airport in a few hours ... the shuttle will arrive at 7.20 am .. and my flight leaves at 11.30am ... so ... the next post will either be in HKG or when I get back home ... photos are not available .. i am going back to the room to sleep .. cannot take it already ... tata... see u peeps soon ..

Monday, February 11, 2008

CHA First Day

we are finaly back from CHA ... met up with a few celebrities here ppl like ALI .. Jenni Bowlin ... Elsie, TH and HS .. But only took pictures with HS... will try to be better .. there are a few more photos with the sneaks and stuff but it is taking sooooo long to upload ...

I am having a ball here .. and dun wanna go back but I will be back sooner than you think ... hehehe .. so did anybody miss me ???

CHA Starts today!!!!!!!

Yeap ... ChA starts today and am I excited .. Sorry for not posting yesterday cause I had a very bad day .... was down sick ... BAD BAD BAD ... with ... too much GAS .... geez ...

Anyways .. I am on my way out to the convention Centre ... and will be walking the floor ... Have caught some sneakies yesterday and the things that are coming out this time is ... I HAVE TO GET THEM ALL ...

Was at the SEI party last nite and saw their new lines and they are MUST HAVES .... and also SSFL ... GORGEOUS bambi papers ... and the BG papers ... YUMMMY ...

Fontwerks is looking good with their new chipboard and even MR ... and JENNI BOWLIN new stuff tangerine dreams is looking good too and her booth is on the same area as ours ...whooohooo ...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

And the booth is up

Just a quick post .. We have the booth set up .. yay ... eehehe .. and we are off to Michaels and staples to get some stuff and more cateloging tonite .. and peektures ...

Friday, February 8, 2008


It's Freezing cold today .. and guess what .. I am blogging from the Carpark of the Hotel cause my dumb mac cannot get a signal in the room and it is now like 10 degrees ... and I am in a tee shirt and jeans ..

We just had dinner at this fab italian restaurant which was uber yum .. and dinner yesterday at the cheesecake factory is super yum too ... but the ultimate yum were the pancakes at breakfast at IHOP this morning ...YUM YUM .. will upload photos soon .. :)

TOday was stay in day cause due to a calculation mis-understanding by K made us sit down and cut like mad ... it is now resolved and we are happy ... heheheh .. and we managed to get K to bring us SB shopping .. hahahaha .. yeah did not do much shopping ... but we went to Cosplus .. Target, Walmart and the SB Heaven , MICHAELS ... eheheheh .. and that was yesterday ... Still have to find Jcrew for cousin M ... kekekek ... ...

Okay .. tmr is set up day and I already have my CHA Pass .. way way cool ... ... got to go .. :) .. FREEZZINGGGG

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I dunno what is wrong but my mac cannot connect to the internet which is irritating the hell outta me .. and worse is .. I Dunno how to fix it .. arghhhhhhhhhh ...

Anyways .. CHA is this sunday and the FFC team is gearing up to go ... We went to a few places today ... Target, Michaels and Cosplus .. and AM and me managed to sneak in a few Personal shopping time .. kekekekeke .. okay maybe not a few but .. HEHEEH let me just say that I will faint when I see my CC bill ..

OOOH yeah .. I drove on LA roads today .. woooohoooo

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello from HKG ...

Hellooooo ... Me and anne marie are now in HKG having our caffee lattes ... velly expensive thou .. a cup costs like 9 bucks SGD ... hehehe .. its velly cold here ... 11 degrees and very cloudy .. we are leaving soon for LA ... ehheeh .. next update ... LA ..

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Packed ... Sort of

Leaving for the airport in a few hours .. gonna catch some shuteye soon .. So not looking forward to the flight there ... 17 hours ... geez ...

I am all packed .. sorta i hope .. kekeke .. For the first time I think I have underpacked for this trip which means .. MORE LUGGAGE SPACE FOR MY SHOPPING ... My Bank is soo not gonna like this .. heheehhehe

So anyways ..THis is gonna be my last post till I find an internet connectiion .. so dun miss me too much ...

And anyways ... Here's wishing everyone .... a happy new year of the rat .. may you all collect many many ang baos and eat tons of kueh kueh and titbits .. and drink heaps of orange F&N ... kekekek .. TONG TONG CHIANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Meet up

This time with SL, J and W.. We had dinner at this Peranakan Place called Guan Hoe Soon ( I think thats the name lah .. hahaha) .. A meetup cause W came all the way back to SG from Kuching .. yeah a kuching boy but more singaporean than any of us... Had a good time with them eating and drinking .. went over to max brennar later to have yummy chocolate drinks too .. :) .. here are the pictures ..

Yummy Ayam Buah Keluak

Nonya Chap Chye

Ikan Assam Pedas

Max Brenner

Toffee Choco Shake

Belgian Waffles

this was what we had for dinner and dessert .. now i need to really work out those calories .. wahhaahah ..

On the packing front ... I am still not packed .. and I am leaving in abt 2 days.. and nothing except the FFC papers are packed .. I am so gonna panic tmr ..

Question .. How many clothes do I actually need for 10 days .... sighz .. too many i guess ..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sneaky Peaky

I am getting butterflies in my tummy .. it is always the case when I have to travel .. but this time add with the anticipation of CHA ... I am a nervous wreck .. it does not help that I AM NOT YET READY ...

Been sneaking ard the manufacturer's blogs and the goodies that are gonna be showcased at CHA are all eye candies to me .. despite wat cousin M says in her blog.. they are so nice ... My TO GO TO BOOTH ARE :

1. Cosmo Cricket ..- Domoagrigato Mr Roboto ..
2. Fontwerks : Her new Stamp designs are just Wayyyy yummi ...
3. Hambly ... Cannot wait to see what they come out with .. and that new color .. just perfect for something I have in mind .. heheeh
4. Making memories .. just have to go there to say hi to Jana and the rest of the gang .. and their 5th avenue papers are just screaming out my name ..
5. Maya Road - Have u seen the catelogs Deb did ... and the products ..
6. Scenic Route ...
and a whole lot more ... kekekekek

And of course not forgetting BOOTH NO 304 at Hall E .... thats where I will be ... at the FAR FLUNG CRAFT BOOTH .. kekekeke ..

and do keep reading this .. kekeke .. cause I will be hopefully doing updates with the pictures I Take and also abt the happening stuff in CHA ... oooh .. really cannot wait 4 more sleeps till I leave ...