Friday, February 8, 2008


It's Freezing cold today .. and guess what .. I am blogging from the Carpark of the Hotel cause my dumb mac cannot get a signal in the room and it is now like 10 degrees ... and I am in a tee shirt and jeans ..

We just had dinner at this fab italian restaurant which was uber yum .. and dinner yesterday at the cheesecake factory is super yum too ... but the ultimate yum were the pancakes at breakfast at IHOP this morning ...YUM YUM .. will upload photos soon .. :)

TOday was stay in day cause due to a calculation mis-understanding by K made us sit down and cut like mad ... it is now resolved and we are happy ... heheheh .. and we managed to get K to bring us SB shopping .. hahahaha .. yeah did not do much shopping ... but we went to Cosplus .. Target, Walmart and the SB Heaven , MICHAELS ... eheheheh .. and that was yesterday ... Still have to find Jcrew for cousin M ... kekekek ... ...

Okay .. tmr is set up day and I already have my CHA Pass .. way way cool ... ... got to go .. :) .. FREEZZINGGGG

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twosweetkids said...

haha.. south coast plaza got. but don't worry about it, I can always vpost it :)