Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Back

I'm Back in SG now .. and suprisingly I am not jet lagged ... kekekek .

Came back via Tokyo instead of HKG as was supposed too cause we got offloaded... hehhe ..not that we were complaining cause cathay was super packed and SQ had quite an empty flight ... and I managed to get 3 seats to have a good lie down sleep on the plane...

anyways I am back now .. will try to post pictures and stuff soon .. :)

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dizzycat said...

Welcome back!! It feels good to be home, doesn't it? I've got to tell you this....i dreamt of you last night. hehehehe. In my dream, we're at your place checking out your loot from LA shopping. And you bought SO MUCH!!!!! Like wardrobes full of cocktail dresses, shoes, lingerie, but surprisingly, no SB stuff.mmuuuahahhahah...gotta catch up with you soon.