Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas

Wow, Christmas just came and went and in an hour and a half ... it would be gone.... tsk tsk ...

So what did I do for xmas this year, well met up with J and S for a xmas lunch at Jack's Place and went shop shop .. did not realise that the shopping mall was open for business and boy was it crowded.. today also marked the start of another sale season in Singapore with several Departmental stores starting their sales today. Scored a few tops at DP and Club Marc at fantastic Discounts .. think more than 50% .. kekekekek ..

On another note ... My whole stash of Winter wear is gone .. seriously .. was looking for them the other time and thought Cousin SP had them but nooooo .. it's all gone .. my "Fendi" jacket.. My Wool Sweaters .. my Fleece sweaters .. all gone .. have absolutely no idea where they all went .. sighz .. and I turned by wardrobe upside down .. bummer ... and I would not have felt so bad if not for the fact that I cannot wear the sizes found here in SG .. arghhhhhh

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve

Only a few more hours to Xmas and I have this sense of anticipation .. wondering what Santa will bring me this year .. bwahahahahah ..

I dun have a Naughty or Nice List but I need to tell santa that I have been very very good .. almost angelic ( bwahahahah ... YES ... ANGELIC ... and ppl plis dun puke) ... so santa better bring me a present from the following stores :

1) Anything from the shop with the robin egg blue box
2) Anything from the shop with the brown paper bags with the name "Louis Vuitton" on it ..

Nothing else I want from anywhere ... bwahahahahah ...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a Boring Holiday

Today's a holiday in Singapore and I spent it literally playing games and lazing ard .. Looked at my SB area and I am so wanting a bigger table and better organizational stuff .. too much stuff .. no mojo .. makes me room very very cluttered and un - inspiring ... I so want to scrap but ... there is no push factor to do it .. bleah indeed ..

4 more days to xmas and I am not even prepared for gifts and such ... such a procrastinator .. but I have let word out that .... no presents for anybody .. and is also not expecting anything either so ... kekeke .....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Sian Layout

Credits :

Paper : AL french twist
Cs : Bazzill
bellies : AL french twist Transparent Diecut borders
Alphas : AC Thickers
Journalling Card : MME

Another layout done .. dun really fancy it but heck ... hahahaha ... dunno how to do the reverse Mirror image thing so .. too bad .. took it with my webcam ..

Monday, December 17, 2007

Off again

Off to BKK sometime in January .. and den to CHA in feb .. travelling again .. and thereafter .. i wonder where else I will be going to ...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

250 Buckaroos worth of SB Supplies

Kekekek .. what was supposed to be a dinner with Boo became me lucky night with me winning 250 bucks worth of SB supplies from MWL .. in their lucky candy cane dip .. kkekeke .. me is happy now .... all i need is my Mojo to come back and I am set for CHA .. ehheehh

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay I take back my post abt me being inspired ... I am sooo mojoless at the moment till I am seriously considering keeping my SB stuff .. HOW ???

Xmas shopping takes on a whole new dimension when I start thinking of the presents i want .. bwahahahahah ...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

25 years of Television

Wow, has it been that long already ?

Was watching the Mediacorp show and boy was it a reality check .. one that says I AM NOT THAT YOUNG ANYMORE .. but it was really great to see some actors and actresses that have left the station come back for the event .. kekeke they din age that much ...

J and I have been remembering times like 10 years ago and realise that we have aged ... alot .. sighz .. how to turn back time ????

Friday, December 7, 2007


Only, 64 more days before CHA Winter 08 and I am officially inspired ... bwahahah I now have the urge to start scrapping ... BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!

On another note, Airtickets is still not confirmed but accomodations are .. thanks to K who is arranging them. I cannot wait to go to CHA for 10 whole glorious days ... wooohooo .. would it be too early to be packing my bags ? hehehe

Thanks to concerns abt me being sick sick sick .. I am on the road to recovery but my "SUPER DUPER DUPER SUPER" virus has hit no less than 3 persons .. bwahahah .. Hope they get well soon ..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holiday Challenge and Gift Exchange

My goodness where did the time fly to ??? I just realised that it is almost time for the Holiday Challenge to end in the forum and also the gift exchange ... I am soooo dead ... SOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO Dead .....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A whirlwind of a weekend

The weekend passed in a blink of the eye... I sooo wanna turn back time. The wedding was a blast and it was soooooo lovely to see becky finally married. Cannot belive that all that planning and preparing was such hard work but to finally see it to the end was unbeliveable.

Was a great weekend of meetings and catching up with friends from all over, but the best was KK coming down all the way from KL to attend the wedding... immediately after a 8 day conference in Cebu ... kekeke he din even go home and come lugging all that dirty laundry .. keeekek .. I have not had rest since the wedding but it was all worth it ... meeting up with andrew who flew in from HK, Mark who came back from Fujian where he is based and also meeting up with jamie from Seoul... I absolutely love such meetings and gathering of old friends which makes me wanna go back to the time where there were only a few KMs between us... but now there is a few thousand KM between us and the long air travel time to consider... so such gatherings are soooooooo good for the soul..

I am heartened to know that althou we have not met up for the longest time, we can still fall back on old friendships and have the wackiest time ever. Althou we all look like our ages.. and some even with re-ceeding hairlines... heheeh Yes ... not going bald but receeding hairlines .. bwahhaahah .. but this weekend was the funniest ever .. why did we all have to grow up ??? I DUN WANNAAA GROW UP...

There are no photos because ..I simply did not take any ... not any that I think I could post .. was too bz "torturing" the brothers and stuffing my face with good food anyways... have to wait for Daniel to give me the photo of me in my gown thou .. bwahahahah .. yes .. NO PHOTOS .. ahaha

Well, I should be getting some rest pretty soon .. kekeke most of them have gone back home to their work and responsibilities but I am meeting up with some of the UNC gang this friday with Mark ..which is sooooo gonna be a blast again .. cannot wait .. till then ... work beckons .. *BLEAH*

Monday, November 26, 2007

Been busy helping my friend organise her wedding and also doing up the following stuff for them ... kekekeke .. some of you may know my frustrations when doing up the boxes .. bwahhah .. hard hard hard .. but is very pleased with the end results... :) Her Wedding is gonna be rather chinese.. thus the Anna Griffin Papers .. and lots of glitter .. and the traditional colors of reds and gold.. Me likey alot ..

Display Frame (50x50cm from Ikea)

Ang Pow Box (2 boxes)

Guest Book

I hope they like them .... :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sooooo many friends

Goodness .. I just realised that J is the 99th friend I got on facebook .. I wonder who will be the 100th ??? kekekekeke

J emailed me this morning asking to see the pics we took last nite and I forwarded her to this blog .. and she saw KJ's "AD" .. bwahahah .. asking if I am "selling" KJ .. well .. sorta .. ahahah and asked me to really put an ad on the classifieds for him .. maybe MOCCA ?? wahhaahahah . i wonder if they accept ?? Food for thought indeed.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We were at it again !!!

Met up with KJ and J for Dinner and Drinks again ... seriously horrible u know ... WAHAHAHAH .. now I am wondering how to fit into the gown .bwaahahah ..

anyways .. meet the evil trio ...


KJ the devil's advocate ...

In his own words : Devil's advocate ... Chai Latte Lover ... Foodie who will travel hours to find the best "JANDO" (malaysian for cendol ) Single and available ... young entreprenure.. very willing party .. Not MCP (not Sharon quality tested thou ... so no guarantee), effectively multi-lingual ... very atheletic (he climbs mountains,) loves brainy shows ... Anybody interested ... leave a comment and I will make sure he gets it ... :) *edited* ... aiyah .. devil's advocate is really devil's advocate lor .... Attached also so quiet ... SORRY GALS .. he's taken lah .. hahahaah ... photo evidence to be up REAL soon

My yummy coffee ice cream

Place of gathering ... Hong KOng Cafe beside Katong Mall ... kkekekek ...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music for the soul

I have been downloading songs into my nano .. and Gosh ... Music is really food for the soul ... I have been neglecting my CD Collection for the longest time and with me loading my fav songs to itunes and listening to the songs without the TV brought me back to the time when I was in au .. staying at TEDS where i went without watching TV for 7 months.. bwahahahah (yes ... see I CAN LIVE WITHOUT TV). And the songs are songs which bring back MEMORIES... like the times they accompanied me thru MATHS ... and horrible subjects like legal studies ... blah .. and the times which Aaran and myself was blasting during the weekends like the PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES (whatever happened to that Grp) and waking drunks with hungover the size of Ozzieland.. not that it helped that we were also Half drunk battling hangovers with more booze .. oh the life of Hostel life... ME LIKEY ...

During Supper with J and KJ today reminded me that it was almost 10 years ago where we "chatted" with friends over TELNET and IRC-ing over the unix system .... kekek MIRC was not heard of till 97 my dears .. and the late nights chatting and "buaya-ing " we did (which brought me much joy and sorrows, Karma is really shitty I swear) and the friendship that still stands. OH how I wish I could really turn back the clock ... There are many friends I made over IRC which I wished I had made more of an effort to upkeep and maintaned .. Friends which have came and went .. but I really treasure the friends I Made during my years in UNI .. and still keep in contact ... So if you are reading this and know me ... and is still my friend .. U ARE THE BEST ... BFF ... bwahhaah see how cool me is now .. bwahahahah

The best thing that have happened to me recently would have to be the first msg I typed to KJ recently .. bwahaah .. that led to more messages and a dinner with the rest of the NC group and more dinners and coffee and chats and MAD MAD Stuff .. seriously .. like I was telling J .. I met KJ more times the last 2 weeks than the last 9 years ... bwaahahha after a whole good 9 years... hahah see .. if you are still on my MSN list (which alot of you peeps are... MSG MSG MSG ) ..I plomise no more long absences from these friendships ....

now ... it is seriously time to sleep ... 2 am is not very healthy .... not when B's wedding is 2 weeks away ... Me no wanna be a panda ..


I have been loading songs into my ipod nano and I realised what OLD tastes I have in music...bwahahah ... seriously .. who at my age listens to dionne warwick and andy williams ... bwahahahahah ... I have the weirdest taste in music ..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Batam again

Went over to our nearest indonesian island yesterday with J and S ... and boy was it a fun day ....

We had so much fun shopping, doing our hair and basically chatting like old times (ie circa uni days ... )

These days , I have been kept busy meeting old friends and making new friends outside scrapbooking ... and Thank goodness for friends like KJ who is basically as mad as me .. wahahahahah .. we both can roam the streets doing nothing .. bwahahahh .. except eat ... which is goood for the soul but seriously bad for the body .... but good ...

Have to do this more often ... good for the soul ..

On another note ..

I have been feeling better recently ..been kept busy with B's wedding preparation and nothing more ... kekekek have not been scrapping for abit .. and slowing down participation in forums .. been out of touch with the scrapping world for quite abit .. so dun forget me so soon okay ?? I will be back .... soon .. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hunt....

for Chai Latte...

What was a harmless message sent at 5pm to KJ from Me that read ... Wanna have dinner ... became a hunt for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves "CHAI LATTE" ( well it was supposed to be abbriviated but it would have read ... CB & TL .. gosh wat a horrible abbriviation rite ??? ) ...

Anyways ... Picked KJ up at his work place in bedok and we went for the YUMMIEST FRIED CHICKEN in the east at the Airport ...POPEYE's Fried chicken ... and a sudden craving for Chai Latte sent both of us searching for Coffee Bean ... and what do you know ... The 2 places we went (white sands and Century Sq) did not have one ... and what was supposed to be a short trip sent us all over the East to find one ... and alas ... no Coffee Bean ... but our back up plan was the Mc Cafe at East Coast ... which by then was 1 hour past the time we started .... And since we were heading to East Coast Parkway, we also picked up a 3rd party ... J ... bwahahahahaha ... so all 3 of us set out to find the elusive Chai Latte ... which was found ... OPPOSITE MC Cafe .... So KJ got his fix of Chai Latte and we gals went to have Waffles at Gelare .... woooopeedooo ... Here is the picture of the Super ELUSIVE CHAI LATTE....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Xanadu .... Wow .. this song brings back sooooo much memories .. and Hard to belive that it is almost 30 years old ... ALMOST .. I AM NOT THAT OLD .. Bleah ... but yes .. it was the SONG of my childhood ... this was the show that made me wanna Roller skate and be like ONJ ... bwahahaahah ... and the lyrics ... full of hope and joy for the moment and future ..

I have been changing ... slowly, some of you may have seen slight changes ... :) kekekeek ..

lyrics here ... compliments of Lyrics on Demand .... (God, I so love the internet... )

A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu

And now
Open your eyes and see
What we have made is real
We are in Xanadu

A million lights are dancing
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world
And you're here with me

Xanadu, Xanadu,
(now we are here)
In Xanadu
Xanadu, Xanadu,
(now we are here)
In Xanadu

Xanadu, your neon lights will shine
For you, Xanadu

The love
The echoes of long ago
You needed the world to know
They are in Xanadu

The dream
That came through a million years
That lived on through all the tears
It came to Xanadu

A million lights are dancing
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world
And you're here with me

Xanadu, Xanadu,
(now we are here)
In Xanadu
Xanadu, Xanadu,
(now we are here)
In Xanadu

Now that I'm here
Now that you're near in Xanadu
Now that I'm here
Now that you're near in Xanadu

Thursday, November 8, 2007

8th November 2007

The process is going well... sudden realisation ....



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

messed up

I am pretty messed up at the moment so sorry if I am not my happy happy self these days. Thank you for the concerns I get ( you know who u people are .... thank you for being in my life at the moment, thank god for family and friends) I will try to be as functional as I know how but if I become zombie-fied... dun bother too much abt me .. I will rise again ... blogging may stop for awhile while I sort stuff out ... It is a process I have to get thru myself ...

Thank you once again ... I am contactable thru my mobile or emails. and I am fine ...

Good bye ..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's finally here

yeap ... the fever, the chills and the aches .. all here and I am finally .. SICK!!!!!!!! ... Bleah

Friday, November 2, 2007

FFC Launch

The Launch today was fun fun fun .. the 2 room were made up into 2 themes .. Bolly wood and Batik ...

Will blog more abt it soon with photos .. cause now I have to crash

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2 Layouts

Here's 2 layouts I did for my HK trip while I was trying to find my mojo ... Yes I have been in a scrapbooking Dry spell for the longest time and have even questioned if I really have the passion for SB Left in me for awhile now, but I guess once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker and I am glad to say that my mojo is back .. but I am wondering how long it will last thou .. I realised that my style has changed abit while I did these 2 ... Multiple photos, No blings or flowers .. very simple and plain .. :) but I kinda like it thou .. kekeke so here they are ( marr .. hehehe thanks to your comment that got me off my ass to pick up my camera and take the photos )

Layout 1 :-


Credits :
Pattern Papers - MM Funky Vintage
Alphas : Crateboard (Red Engine), Heidi Swapp Block Alphas
Embellishments : Prima (Bling, cannot resist), 7G 97% Stickers, MM Travel rubons, HS Photo Corners
Inks : Tsukineko Dewdrops

Layout 2 :-


Credits :-

Pattern Papers : - BG Mellow Equinox and Cultured
CardStock : Brown Mini Scalloped CS
Fonts : - HS COA in Orange and Block Alphas in Black, and AC Remarks Alpha, MM Funky Vintage Transparent {}.
Embellishment : 7G 97% Stickers Food and 7G Confidential Card
Inks : Tsukineko Dew Drops

phew ... took me so long to do this... ekeekek but feels good to do it ... :P


Far Flung Crafts is launching their new paper range this thursday and I am really glad to be part of this launch. I had the chance to view and play with these papers recently and all I have to say is .. they are really lovely to work with ... K has shown off some of the papers in her blog, so I guess that it is okay that I show some sneaks here eh ... :)

2 layouts using the fabulous Bollywood Range, The papers are in lovely colors of Purples, Turquoise and Fuschia .. and truthfully , my first reaction was ... how am I to use such colors.. they are sooo not me, but after looking at it and using it, I was suprised at how versatile they were to use .. here are some sneakies : -



a full layout .. :)


and using the Batik Line :-

a sneakie

and a mini album

cover :-

and a page inside : -


and abit more .. wanna see ??? den come down to the launch party at MWL this 1st Nov... and the exciting part is that Singapore scrappers will be the first in the world to get these yummy papers ... now how cool is that ..

SO SEE U 1st NOV ..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SB Blogging

Okay, I have been caught up with the whirlwind of events happening around me at the moment and have not had time to scrap and participate in the forum and blog here except for ranting … SB posts coming up . No layouts thou

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Should I ??? Should I not ???

Well I guess if you are my friend on Facebook, my most recent question was ... should I or should I not go to LA next feb for CHA Winter ...So should I or should I not ??

Well .. I have been thinking rather hard since K asked me and I am sooooo tempted .. It is almost every scrapbooker's dream to have layouts showcased in CHA .. and to be there is even more of a heart stopper .. imagine being in the same room as our SB idols and manufacturers showcasing new new new products, many still in prototype samples but still .. LIVING BREATHING SCRAPBOOKING ... woooohooo ... and the thing is this show is more like for businesses and not for retail sales ... but ... IT IS TEMPTING .. so we shall see ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cheap airfares

anybody knows where to find cheap airfares to LAX during the CNY period ??? been surfing ard but almost all is abv 1.3k ... and that is like a 30 hour plus trip to .. and almost 2 days to come back ... sighz .. how ???

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally Finished

Been scrapping like a mad mad woman .. final count : -

3 layouts,
1 mini album
1 M&T

to hand in tmr to the boss .. Got 1 altered item to go .. but I think K will have enuff . *phew*

Finally Finished

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yippeee ... have finished the following :-

1 Album cover
1 Layout ..

2 more and I think I am done .. hehehee


** Note to self : BZ on Friday ... need to see the designers for BN Wedding

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes .. I am mojo-less and have been for the longest time .. paper n glue does not work for me anymore .. how ??? help ....

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am now lusting ... SERIOUSLY LUSTING after this gorgeous bag .... it is the oh so droolsworthy ... to die for .. I WAN I WAN I WAN (but cannot afford) LV Batignolles Horizontal.... soooooo nice...

I swear the internet is oh so argh .. and i found out how much it is and I am SAD SAD SAD .... Shanice told me to sell away me stash to buy ... but hor .. my stash is like cannot sell enuff to get it lor .... anybody wanna get it for me ?:??? I will be eternally grateful ??? PLIS ? PURRRRTTTTYYYYY PLEASE ????? belated birthday present ???? erm Xmas present ??? just because I like u to have it present ??? anybody ??? *puppy dog eyes* ...

It's a small world after all

Ooooh .. I had had had to put this down .. I just realised how small the world is .. remember my friend Ada from HK .. well she has a friend here working as a vet ... and i just found out .. my bro gf also works for the same animal hospital .. HOW scary .. as in .. the world is just getting too small now .. even in face book, it is very very funny how all of a sudden u get mutual friends (whom u did not know that they know ur other grp of friends) ... IT IS SCARY .. okay not making sense here but .. not editing either .. :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Had to put this down for a hmmm moment .. Had a chat over MSN with KJ earlier this evening .. and we were talking abt how pathetic our lives are at the moment .. and we came to the topic of relationships... which got me thinking ...

You know the list we have about our future life partners and how we would list what attributes he/she must have in order for us to consider even going out with them .. well young people reading this .. throw that &($&#&*#*%^#%* list away ... NOW !!!! seriously ... as a person gets older . all you want is some one to just be there for you no matter what, a person you can be comfortable with, and share your life with ... FULL STOP .. seriously ... all those tall dark handsome, fair, long hair slim attributes are really none existant .. (okay brad pitt and that jolie gal is a fluke shot).

That chat also got me scared cause I calculated if I got married pronto .. and have a kid next year ... when my kid is 12 .. I would be .... more than halfway to my life .. bwahahahahahah .. which is hell scary .. I need to find me a MAN now .. anybody to intro ???

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well ...

am bz bz bz ... It is surprising how time flies when you are bz ... been bz at work and also finishing up certain projects ..

Well .. the hush project is coming along rather well and I am quite happy with the end project and hopefully it will be well received. Rather excited at the prospect of being part of this project and I am grateful for the opportunity given ... I am keeping me fingers crossed.

On my personal side, althou it is still not as smooth sailing with many pot holes created on the road, I am quite sure I would have chosen the same path if given a second chance and still not regret the decision I have made.

I am sorry that I do not have much layouts to show but I am scrapping .. althou at a much slower pace and a more workable environment .. I am still scrapping .. so to all my fans (yes I am that thick skinned to think i actually have fans, let me dwell into this dream of mine .. ehehhe ) I will have some layouts to show soon .... :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Spring Cleaning & Problem solving

I packed, I moved, I threw out quite a few things today ... and even washed the loo .. wahahahah .. yes the first step of uncluttering my life .. wahahahah ... feels quite good also :)

And also, after a chat with LW I have a problem solved ... kekeke .. gonna start on me projects tmr after work ... woooohoo .. I have this idea and I actually can imagine how it will turn out ... yay .. and also the layouts .. I am stoked ... :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

3 new babies

Came home yesterday to the 3 new additions to my home .. kekeke ppl .. meet the 3 babies of the house now .. they wreck havoc, have the most drool , makes the most noise but now is loved the most .. eeeke ... meet ...


She is sooooo cute ... i swear ... she runs circles ard me and loves cuddles ... ekekekek



This one is such a princess ... I have not heard her bark or go ard the house .. and she looks so regal .. ekekeke

Ching Ching

Ching Ching

Okay this one is a super yapper .. ahahahah . but such a cutie cause she yaps and yaps but den runs far far away and she snorts ... whhahahah ...

these 3 have brought some fun to a very quiet home .. heheheh .. maybe u peeps will see more blog updates because of them ??? hehehe

Monday, October 1, 2007


Anyways I am having this grand idea of going up to KL for a break .. bwahahah like I told Kor earlier today, It's the "Sharon Cannot be found anywhere except online" holiday .. wahahhaah.. Maybe it is time for a break.. one where I get to have enuff rest and the ability of just not doing anything and not having to think of anything sounds so great .. and I cannot NOT BE ONLINE .. I WILL DIE .. NO INTERNET... I WILL DIEEEEEE* DRAMA MA MA EFFECT*

And of course me being the cheapo that I am managed to get this hotel from the net : stayorange.com . Well The rooms on the website looks quite okay and I could bus it up .. have to be cheapo because I wanna do this alone u see .. bwahahahaha .. like how kor was so suprised that i was not staying at my fav berjaya but at this budget hotel .. bwahahahahahah .. anybody from KL can gives any suggestions ?

Was also looking thru some SB sites and apparently there are a few SB shops in KL .. so maybe since Kor is so free .. can ask him to bring me ard ..bwahahah .. well thats what kors are for rite .. wahahahahahaha .. i seriously hope he does not read my blog manz .. if not .. no lepak partner/driver/makan partner/protector from petaling street thugs .. wahahahahahahahah den i truly mati .. sounds like a plan ? now to find time to do that ... before the school holidays .. *Bleah*

And Biboo has decided to ignore me after my pathetic attempt to copy ish mang zangness .... ahahah ... BOOO .. MEET ME LAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just have to add .. I lost internet connection while doing up the last post ... phew .. lucky I managed to save the post .. if not ... 1 hour would have been wasted. heheheheh


Okay .. Finally rested after the gruelling 7 hour crop yesterday ...

Survivor at MWL has been tradition for me .. and of course I had to attend right .... and true enuff I had a blast .. Thanks Elvi, Jasmine, Anne Marie and the MWL gang for organising this .. :) Well pictures galore .. but because I did not bring my camera there, I took these photos off the MWL blog .. and thanks jasmine for being the photographer ... ekekeek

Okay .. I arrived at 1pm after work and found the gang hard at work preparing our camp and rations ... and saw the nice nice stuff they had and I "NEEDED" new stuff so I went ard helping myself to the goodies .. eheheh .. Well at 2pm we were ushered into our camps and had to make a little name card for ourselves .. and the color we got was to seperate us to 2 teams ... FEI LONG and ZHAN HU ... hehehe ... Well it was finally time to .. OUT SCRAP, OUT SHOP, OUT LAST ....

Welcome : -

My Tribal Crop Mates : I sat with this group of lovely gals who were filipinos working here in Singapore and they were such a fun group ... Sookie, CJ, Abby, Mariax and Beth .. Had really a great time .. thanks for making the effort to include me in your conversations and stuff ... :)

My Tribal Mates :-

Well, soon it was time for us to start our first task ... which was to solve a puzzle... one where we had to go around the shop to pick out stuff :) .. I now know that Chuppa Chups and Twisties are the cheapst item in the Table Scraps Menu.

First Challenge :-

Of course with a partner like Felicia .. We won the first challenge .. hehehehe ..

Me and Felicia:-

After that Challenge we had another one but I do not have photos for that .. which is actually good cause I was such a Kan Cheong Spider in that ... kekeke but not bad Came in Second in that Challenge with my partner Mariax ... and soon it was time for dinner ... Chenta, Winnie and Iris are such wizards in the cafe made us yummy grub.. served Survivor style .. and even came with "muddy drinks " heheheh

yummy tribal Grub and drinks : -

After dinner .. we had our next challenge which was aptly named "everything's personal" eekke which is actually an eyelet challenge where u have to get as many eyelets set in a min .. and I got the most with 7 .. whooohooo .. which is actually quite a feat for me cause I have not set an eyelet the traditional way for the longest time ... ehehehehh

Eyelet Challenge : -

after the eyelet challenge ... there was only the 3 of us left .. Ros, Mariax and Myself.. and we had to go thru a Q&A session on scrapbooking brands and items .. and all I can say is .. well .. Ros got 10 points, I got 8 and Mariax got 2 .. and ros brought me to the next round .. such a sweetie .. heheh cause I was eliminated at this stage the last time .. but how I managed to get 8points is .. now i know that MWL has 50 cent ribbons ... hahahahahaahh

And after a short rest .. it was time for Ros and Me to go face tribal Council .. well it was quite a laugh with Anne Marie saying that her cheeks hurt ... after all that laughter .. dun let our faces fool u .. eheheheh

Tribal Council : -

And Finally ... Elvira said that it was time to vote .. and in true survivor style it was nerve wracking to the end (thanks to malee for all that drama ) ... and the Winner is .... : ME !!! heheh but it was really close with me having 7 votes and Ros 6 ...

Me receiving my " 1 MILLION RUPIAH WORTH OF MWL VOUCHERS " hehehe

Photo of the final 2 survivors .... ME AND ROS ...

Final Group Shot under the survivor sign

Yeah .. 7 hours flew by in such a blink of an eye tat we all asked elvira ... NEXT ONE SOON ??? hehehehehe

Saturday, September 29, 2007

MWL Survivor

OOh my achy back .. kekeek .. I am so pooped after scrapping for 7 hours .. But I had fun ..

Survivor MWL was really fun and met a whole new group of scrappers ... and boy did they create a riot of laughs and fun today .. I had so much fun and I did not laugh so much recently .. :) But I ended up SURVIOR.. wooohooo .. Happy Happy .. but I was being a bad scrapbooker today ... Wahahah .. I did not bring my camera .. so no photos .. but I have plenty at MWL's Blog at
www.madewithlove.com.sg/blog ... check it out .. kekeek .. happy happy .. :) .. will try to get photos when they are ready ... :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sending an Email ,,,,

Cousin CSP(Yes Cousin CSP .. You are cousin CSP on my blog.. bwahahahah) came over earlier and asked me to teach her scrapbooking and she brought her stash over and told me that she will "merge" her stash with mine to make mine more .. SUBSTAINTIAL ... goodnesss .. and yes her stash is with me .. *FAINT*

On another note .. Thank you Cousins for asking what is happening to me these days with the weird posts .. erm .. everything is okay but like I put on facebook ... It's complicated .. Bwahahha ..

It is also time to send an email to the big guy up there .. to tell him to start sending showers of blessings and love down on me .. cause the goods he has been sending down on me is really heartbreaking ... and soon I am gonna be so cluttered with the damaged stuff I will have no space for the nice stuff in life .. and it does look rather depressing at the moment ... So if you will excuse me .... I think I shall go write the note (email )

Thursday, September 27, 2007


How can anybody be surrounded by people feel so alone ... not lonely .. but ALONE ...

on another note .. I will be doing my 3rd survivor on saturday at MWL ...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And the only way is DOWN ....

Seem to be on a downward spiral .. one where I can’t seem to get myself out of .. one where I can no longer breathe .. It is suffocating

Saturday, September 22, 2007


yes... I am now 32 .. well into the 30s already ..... ENUFF SAID ..

Friday, September 21, 2007

after 12am -

I will be turning a year older ... ONE MORE YEAR to add to my age .. how does it feel .. not particularly looking forward to it .. but I guess I have no say in it eh ..

Wat's my birthday wish ??? seriously .. I have no idea but hopefully it will just get better .. The past 365 days have been a real eye opener with me progressing maybe not to the level I wish I was .. but at least I took it slow .. and did not stress myself out too much .. and I have a couple of things coming up .. which I am quite excited with .. :) .. one with FFC which I am quite looking forward to .. :)

On a personal front .. Well .. the wait is still there... but .. should I be more agressive ?? or should I just take watever comes my way ???

Food for my brain today ...

Monday, September 17, 2007

another visit to the dentist

sighs .. tmr is my appt with Dr Koh ... so not looking forward to it... :(

Sunday, September 16, 2007

HCMC Photos

Did not take alot of photos but here are some of them .. :)

BZ intersection in HCMC ... My Hotel is just down the road from here .. :)

My Hotel Room in Saigon .. The room was pretty nice .. clean too .. service was good .. :)

The Inside of BT Market .. Very hot, Very stuffy, Alot of things to buy ..

Coffee Beans sold very old school-ish .. See that price .. it cost me $43000 vietnamese Dong for 100gms of it .. which comes to abt SGD$4.30 per 100gms

This is the Mutton Hot Pot .. erm .. many weird stuff in there .. :P but still quite yum

And this is the yummy Pho I had in Pho 24 .. Love it with heaps of lime juice .. and goes very well with a Lime Soda .. YUMMERS

Altered Project

KEkek .. in a bid to find my mojo .. I altered this clipboard thingy from Provocraft. This is for a good friend who celebrated his birthday last week .. bwahahah yes I am that late in my gifts. Sorry hor .. hope you like it ...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am back home already

HCMC was great ... tiring with all the walking but great... shopping was cheap ... overall cheaper than BKK and I wud not mind going there for a holiday ...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogging in Vietnamese

Yeap .. managed to get free internet again ... hehehe .. Just came back from Dinner with the customers .. Drank like a whale agains .. but luckily not as drunk as the day before ... those ppl can really drink manz ... Mutton hot pot was pretty yumz .. until i found out that they had a goat's penis in the pot too ... wayyyyy weird .. but yes I ate some too ..bwahahahaah .. weird .. but if you want to know ... it tastes like FISH ROE ... wbwahahaha ..

Blogging in Vietnam is pretty cool .. cause .. EVERYTHING IS IN VIETNAMESE.. I might click the wrong button and lose this post ... dun belive ?? look at the picture abv ... Not trying to cut and paste watever ... keeekeke

The internet connection is pretty unstable to .. so ... I better click publish quick which in vietnamese is xuat ban bai dang .. waahahahahh

Packing for home now .. :) cannot wait ...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wahahah free internet ... but for how long ???

Bwahahahah .. MAnaged to hook up to some free wi fi somewhere ... whoever owns it .... THANK YOU .... it is now only 9.30pm in HCMC but I am bushed ... tomorrow is another long day but meeting a customer and den dinner ... which is mutton hot pot .. Not really looking forward to it because the vietnamese are fantastic drinkers .. they really make you drink ... heaps .. which for me is like ... bleah ... Dinner yesterday we consumed 15 bottles of beer .. and tons of food ..

Shopping in HCMC is okay .. if you are into imitation stuff .. but prices are still cheaper than HK and BKK .. but nah ... too much rubbish at home already ... but I managed to get the yummy VIET coffee and the cute coffee drainer/maker thingy at ben thanh market ... whoever said JJ market in BKK is hot .. has gotta come here .. My shopping loot stands at .. 1 lacquer box .. 10 pairs of chopsticks and coffee .. bwahahahahah

But I have to say that ... HCMC is a real eye opener ... took me 5 mins to cross a road this morning cause .. I was too chicken to cross the road .. you really need guts to cross the roads ... and also .. the motorcyclists do not wear helmets at all .. scary the way they weave in and out of traffic ...

okay .. going off .. do not have my card reader with me and thus no photos ...

oh yeha ... viet food is yummilicious... esp pho24 ... YUM YUM

hello frm HCMC

Woohooo finally able to connect to the internet .. hehehe .. from hot and humid HCMC

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

off to vietnam

Okay ... I am off to HCMC ... Never been there but is quite blase abt this trip. It's gonna be a rush rush trip since it is for work .. but I brought a whole slew of eletrical items like my lappy, my DSLR(Hoping to get some good shots so that I can start scrapping again. ) Leaving for the airport soon so .... till the 14th or till I find out if the hotel has broadband ....

Monday, September 10, 2007



I did not know that Facebook could be that addictive manz ... Been Facebooking for the last hour and have not even started packing my bags .. If you are on Facebook .. Add me .. sharondotchanleelingatgmaildotcom.

Leaving for HCMC in less than 30 hours and I am not packed yet ... HOW HOW HOW .. and I still gotta go to work in a few hours ... geezusbejezus ... I am sooo dead now ..

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Okay Okay ... I know this is like the dunno how many posts from Singapore about Royston Tan's show "881" but I just have to get you peeps who have not watched this show to GO WATCH IT !!!!

I just got back from the movie and I simply love it ... The costume was fantastic, the songs touching and the acting fab (althou May and Choy shoud just have spoken English instead of the bad chinese).

I am ssooooo going to get the OST and the DVD to keep when it comes out in the shops ... Yes it is that Good .. and to think that I used to be so "kang tang pai" to tsk tsk abt hokkien songs .. ME IS GONNA BE CHEENA HOKKIEN PAI .. hahahah .. yah .. me gonna learn to sing that "JIK NANG JIK PUA" ... buahahahha that is so gonna be my Karaoke song ... wahhaah ...

So if you have not watched it yet ... GO WATCH IT ... and no royston tan did not pay me to blog abt it ... :)

Friday, September 7, 2007


Playing the waiting game

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hmmmz ...

Nobody is online for me to chat to ... grey anetomy is on atm and I am bored .. Have gone to World 5 on Super Mario Bros and I think I am super addicted to playing games on my DS lite and PSP ... leaving for HCM next week and I still do not know where to go shop and eat ... not that I will have time there ....but looking at the electronic items I will be bringing .. it is kind of a joke ... the electronic packing list looks like this :

Lappy + Charger
DSLR + Charger
Mobile + Charger
PSP + Charger
DS lite + Charger

I have not travelled with such heavy hand carry bags since ... I went to NC to study... gosh ... but then again .. I am not one who travels light .. I have this serious compulsion to pack my whole entire wardrobe just to go on a 3 day trip to BKK (where I can buy a whole entire wardrobe cheaply). How ??? lists dun work with me too .. :P ...

argh !!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yeah .. anybody remember the IRC .. Goodness, I was re-introduced to the IRC by LY recently and boy has it changed. Those people who knew me pre scrapbooking would know how addicted I was to it . It was the cheapest way to keep in contact with family and friends, and was the way to know people from all over. And boy did it bring me friends from ALL over. I had friends from the States to Belgium and even Ghana. Hahah .. and it also brought me many times of sorrow and heart break too, but the fun and enjoyable days were way more. Many of the friends I made in those years are still friends now and I do know of alot of friends who managed to hook up thru the IRC. It was the way to develope relationships in those days. I remember the days with my "papa", "mama" , the huge group of "kor kors", "jie jies", "mei mei" and "di dis" . haha, those were the days playing with bots, channel wars and god knows what else. Seriously fun and innocent. And I have to seriously thank a person who really helped me in those days with my economics and marketing papers. He was a real marketing genius who was a great help in giving me ideas and his help in editing and correcting my homework .. THANKS HEAPS .. u know who you are,

But ask me now would I be addicted to the IRC again. Well, the few hours I went into IRC this weekend tells me that .. NOPE I will not be venturing into this world, for once, it will no longer be the same, the amount of guys looking for a "good time" is seriously screwed. Haha ,.. seriously, do you wives even know what your DH's are up to in the IRC. It was also super funny when LY msged me that a gal msged him telling him that a BJ/HJ cost SGD$200.00 , and it even came with an address, Mobile number and Name... goodness.. What is the world coming to. that is some serious business exchanges out there manz .. can u imagine how much a night would cost. Also, do they realise who they are making out with ? Seriously, do they know the sexual history of these IRC partners ? Gives me the shivers ...

Good Mail Day

Kekek .. Not the SB kind .. but more of the Mario Kind ..

Ada has sent me these really cute Mario Phone Danglers and Mario Screen cleaners ... how cute rite ?

Ok Ok .. now now .. quit with the u are too old to be gushing abt such stuff hor ... aahah I am not that old hor ... :P ..

on another note. I am now sick ... really sick with the flu bug .. the works manz .. went to see the leng chai doctor yesterday and I am on a course of antibiotics....sighz ...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Off to HCM City

Yeap ... off to HCM City in Sept .. :) ..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hong Kong Trip - Part 3

Guess what, I just realised that I took almost every type of Public Transport available in Hong Kong..I took the :

The Star Ferry - Taking this 1 day after the Typhoon 8 Warning Signal was hoisted was actually pretty scary. But suprisingly, the ride was rather smooth.

Taking the Mini Bus :-

Yuppity yup .. this was my maiden ride on the mini bus, yes those kind you watch in those HK Drama series .. way cool .. :)

Public Bus : - Took this from Central IFC to Stanley Market, quite a scenic route we took .. did not take any photos of the bus thou .. ;( but if you want to have a way fun ride for a couple of bucks, this is the bus to take cause it brings u up and down the steep slopes of Repulse Bay and Aberdeen. And also the curves it takes along the hillside ..and add bad visibility to the mix, you have a ride way better than space mountain ... :)

MTR : - this is my way preferred choice of public transport in HKG, very fast and efficient and the best thing is almost everything is near a MTR station. The trains are also very clean and have this super high tech system to let u know by blinking lights on the stops which the train have passed in the train maps ..

The Disney Train - This is the coolest train ever, with everything disney. Love it. And I found out one little snippet of useless info ( hehe ) , The Disney Train will never arrive at Sunny Bay Station when there are other trains waiting for passengers to board. It will be the only train at the station when the train arrives. cool eh .. :)

Taxi : - Took a short taxi ride from our hotel to Harborcity, a really huge shopping centre with almost 700 shops ... less than 5 mins ride but hey it still counts rite .. but the one funny thing abt HK taxis is that they allow 5 passengers in the taxis .. yes adult passengers .

and all these .. you can pay by using the oh so easy to use octopus card

Travelling ard Hong Kong is relatively easy. Most of the street signs and buses all have their destinations stated in English and Chinese so getting lost is not an easy thing to do . And their MTR system is so easy to use.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Congrats to ANNIE

Annie from the Team gave birth to a darling baby boy early this morning .. coming into this world 3 weeks early ... wooopeeeedooooo .. happy happy for her and wil... Congrats babe ...

Hong Kong Part 2- Stanley

Well as you peeps know, I met up with super duper typhoon pabuk in Hong Kong so we were all confined to being indoors most of the time. But thanks to Ada, I managed to take that almost roller coaster 40 mins bus ride to stanley where I went way overboard in my spending .. I even bought a chinese seal with my chinese name on it .. sounds like a scrapbook page coming along too .. just need to get it back. Here are some pictures of stanley ...

Stanley Street Sign ... :)

Picture of my yummy "lai cha" (milk tea) and Butter'ed Toast .. had it in a very quaint shophouse along the lanes ... yum yum ...

This is the main lane of Stanley where they have really nice cafes and restaurants with a fantastic sea view

This picture is of the back of stanley but to those who is going to stanley by bus this will be the view u get ... plenty of ang mohs .. :) which is great cause then I can find shoes and clothes in my size rather than the puny sizes u get in the malls .. :P

My loot from Stanley stands at :

Chinese Seal with Name
"SHUANG XI" lithographic print
1 pair of patent red shoes
2 t-shirts
5 pcs of linen laundry bags
1 pair of flo jo slippers

and .. thats alll ... :)

Next post will be when I go galivanting ard HK island .. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hong Kong Part 1

*photos overload*

Like my previous post, Hong Kong was a blast ... had great fun meeting friends (A, H and H's wifey) and too much shopping, bu
t it would have been really fun if I gotta go to disneyland. Yes, I did not get to go into disneyland at all. Argh rite ? All because typhoon warning signal 8 was hoisted 20 mins before I arrived at the entrance ... argh .. had to go back to the hotel. And it was raining at whole 4 days I was there and the sky sorta only cleared when I WAS AT THE AIRPORT waiting for my flight to go back .. talk abt a big huge bummer.

Okay enuff of whining .. and on with the photos. I was kinda disappointed with the photos thou. For a scrapbooker, I was kind lax with the photo taking ...so here are the ones that I have that can see the light of day .. :)

Disneyland Resort Station - all aboard for the disney train ... hehehehe. Love love love the train. Esp the seats cause it was really unlike the normal train. Was more like a sofa .. hehehe .. and those statues of Disney characters .. nice .. and was a mickey overload with the famous ears everywhere .. see the windows ..

Disneyland Hollywood Hotel :- Was quite cool, Highly recommended if you wanna do the whole disney experience .. see the first picture ? The clouds were moving very fast and very dark, was pretty scary actually .. :) Love the last picture, was trying out my new lens and taking the shot thru a mirror .. :)

and what was a gal to do stuck in the hotel ??? she goes shopping .. hahaha .. yes the first picture shows the loot I got after spending 1 hour at the Disney shop in the hotel lobby .. hehehe .. quite a lot hor ...

Even the food came in Mickey shaped containers .. pretty cool eh .. :)