Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well ...

am bz bz bz ... It is surprising how time flies when you are bz ... been bz at work and also finishing up certain projects ..

Well .. the hush project is coming along rather well and I am quite happy with the end project and hopefully it will be well received. Rather excited at the prospect of being part of this project and I am grateful for the opportunity given ... I am keeping me fingers crossed.

On my personal side, althou it is still not as smooth sailing with many pot holes created on the road, I am quite sure I would have chosen the same path if given a second chance and still not regret the decision I have made.

I am sorry that I do not have much layouts to show but I am scrapping .. althou at a much slower pace and a more workable environment .. I am still scrapping .. so to all my fans (yes I am that thick skinned to think i actually have fans, let me dwell into this dream of mine .. ehehhe ) I will have some layouts to show soon .... :)

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