Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Had to put this down for a hmmm moment .. Had a chat over MSN with KJ earlier this evening .. and we were talking abt how pathetic our lives are at the moment .. and we came to the topic of relationships... which got me thinking ...

You know the list we have about our future life partners and how we would list what attributes he/she must have in order for us to consider even going out with them .. well young people reading this .. throw that &($&#&*#*%^#%* list away ... NOW !!!! seriously ... as a person gets older . all you want is some one to just be there for you no matter what, a person you can be comfortable with, and share your life with ... FULL STOP .. seriously ... all those tall dark handsome, fair, long hair slim attributes are really none existant .. (okay brad pitt and that jolie gal is a fluke shot).

That chat also got me scared cause I calculated if I got married pronto .. and have a kid next year ... when my kid is 12 .. I would be .... more than halfway to my life .. bwahahahahahah .. which is hell scary .. I need to find me a MAN now .. anybody to intro ???

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