Monday, October 1, 2007


Anyways I am having this grand idea of going up to KL for a break .. bwahahah like I told Kor earlier today, It's the "Sharon Cannot be found anywhere except online" holiday .. wahahhaah.. Maybe it is time for a break.. one where I get to have enuff rest and the ability of just not doing anything and not having to think of anything sounds so great .. and I cannot NOT BE ONLINE .. I WILL DIE .. NO INTERNET... I WILL DIEEEEEE* DRAMA MA MA EFFECT*

And of course me being the cheapo that I am managed to get this hotel from the net : . Well The rooms on the website looks quite okay and I could bus it up .. have to be cheapo because I wanna do this alone u see .. bwahahahaha .. like how kor was so suprised that i was not staying at my fav berjaya but at this budget hotel .. bwahahahahahah .. anybody from KL can gives any suggestions ?

Was also looking thru some SB sites and apparently there are a few SB shops in KL .. so maybe since Kor is so free .. can ask him to bring me ard ..bwahahah .. well thats what kors are for rite .. wahahahahahaha .. i seriously hope he does not read my blog manz .. if not .. no lepak partner/driver/makan partner/protector from petaling street thugs .. wahahahahahahahah den i truly mati .. sounds like a plan ? now to find time to do that ... before the school holidays .. *Bleah*

And Biboo has decided to ignore me after my pathetic attempt to copy ish mang zangness .... ahahah ... BOOO .. MEET ME LAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oi, I have to work hor...finished work can't meet you leh.

*Dream Weaver* said...

KL has not many SB shops, but there are 4 that I know of...
:) If you would like I could list them out for yous.

As for hotels... haven't really stayed in any but you can tell me which ones you are thinking of and I can help in telling you if its in a good location or not :)

Hope you do get down to KL.