Monday, May 28, 2007


Woooohoooo ... Scrapventure came and went..... It was a fabulous success if I could say so ... Wahahah ... but for that success .. every single fat cell in my body is screaming ..... every muscle (if any in the first place) is burning .... but for that 15 hours of fun ... TOTALLY WORTH IT ..

Hopefully this becomes a annual event ?? hehehe .. E u reading this ?

Too tired to post .. will post soon with photos .. soon .. I hope ( Terence took 400 plus photos ... wish me luck going thru all of it . )

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I finally got straight Hair

I finally have back my straight hair .. I wouldn't say that I hated my curls but it was getting to be a bother with the curls loosening and it being neither straight or curly .. so I went to rebond it .. regret ? maybe .. cause when I see ppl with nice curls .. i get envious .. :P

On another note .. Scrapventure organised by TSL and Laines Paperterie is next week ... wooohoooo .. it has been a long 3 months preparation for it ... and it is finally happening .. I cannot wait .. Time seems to fly recently . It is almost mid may and soon it will be june .. july, august .. sept ..oct, nov dec .. and then 2008 .. How many more years do I actually have somemore ? good golly gosh ..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's wrong with Blogger .. why is everything not proper ??? cannot work like dis ... :P

This post is for L ... velly long time never post rite ???? this post is for u ... :P

Thanks for the comments to the post below .. Things have started to go back to normal ... and I am glad people have been stepping up now ... happy happy now .. :)

Here is one layout I did using the products I got in my kit from far flung crafts .... I am quite proud of it only because .. I actually handsew'ed the fabric to the overlay .. and and sewn the flowers ... and only those people who knows me well enuff to know that I absolutely hate sewing and cannot sew on a button straight will be impressed with me .. wahahahah

*edit * blogger is so screwy that ... I cannot upload the picture ... oh well .. will try posting it soon ... *akan datang*