Monday, May 28, 2007


Woooohoooo ... Scrapventure came and went..... It was a fabulous success if I could say so ... Wahahah ... but for that success .. every single fat cell in my body is screaming ..... every muscle (if any in the first place) is burning .... but for that 15 hours of fun ... TOTALLY WORTH IT ..

Hopefully this becomes a annual event ?? hehehe .. E u reading this ?

Too tired to post .. will post soon with photos .. soon .. I hope ( Terence took 400 plus photos ... wish me luck going thru all of it . )


Terence said...

lol... i took so many pictures??! i muz tell u ...ur camera is a total great FUN!

sharon said...

Thanks Terence ...

Yes u took THAT many photos ... hahaahahah ... and yeah .. the camera is a dream eh .. but hor .. this dream will come for u soon lah .. I hope .. :)