Thursday, May 17, 2007

I finally got straight Hair

I finally have back my straight hair .. I wouldn't say that I hated my curls but it was getting to be a bother with the curls loosening and it being neither straight or curly .. so I went to rebond it .. regret ? maybe .. cause when I see ppl with nice curls .. i get envious .. :P

On another note .. Scrapventure organised by TSL and Laines Paperterie is next week ... wooohoooo .. it has been a long 3 months preparation for it ... and it is finally happening .. I cannot wait .. Time seems to fly recently . It is almost mid may and soon it will be june .. july, august .. sept ..oct, nov dec .. and then 2008 .. How many more years do I actually have somemore ? good golly gosh ..

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twosweetkids said...

oh well, don't worry about it. hair will always grow back, and you can always perm it again. :)