Sunday, October 28, 2007

2 Layouts

Here's 2 layouts I did for my HK trip while I was trying to find my mojo ... Yes I have been in a scrapbooking Dry spell for the longest time and have even questioned if I really have the passion for SB Left in me for awhile now, but I guess once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker and I am glad to say that my mojo is back .. but I am wondering how long it will last thou .. I realised that my style has changed abit while I did these 2 ... Multiple photos, No blings or flowers .. very simple and plain .. :) but I kinda like it thou .. kekeke so here they are ( marr .. hehehe thanks to your comment that got me off my ass to pick up my camera and take the photos )

Layout 1 :-


Credits :
Pattern Papers - MM Funky Vintage
Alphas : Crateboard (Red Engine), Heidi Swapp Block Alphas
Embellishments : Prima (Bling, cannot resist), 7G 97% Stickers, MM Travel rubons, HS Photo Corners
Inks : Tsukineko Dewdrops

Layout 2 :-


Credits :-

Pattern Papers : - BG Mellow Equinox and Cultured
CardStock : Brown Mini Scalloped CS
Fonts : - HS COA in Orange and Block Alphas in Black, and AC Remarks Alpha, MM Funky Vintage Transparent {}.
Embellishment : 7G 97% Stickers Food and 7G Confidential Card
Inks : Tsukineko Dew Drops

phew ... took me so long to do this... ekeekek but feels good to do it ... :P


Far Flung Crafts is launching their new paper range this thursday and I am really glad to be part of this launch. I had the chance to view and play with these papers recently and all I have to say is .. they are really lovely to work with ... K has shown off some of the papers in her blog, so I guess that it is okay that I show some sneaks here eh ... :)

2 layouts using the fabulous Bollywood Range, The papers are in lovely colors of Purples, Turquoise and Fuschia .. and truthfully , my first reaction was ... how am I to use such colors.. they are sooo not me, but after looking at it and using it, I was suprised at how versatile they were to use .. here are some sneakies : -



a full layout .. :)


and using the Batik Line :-

a sneakie

and a mini album

cover :-

and a page inside : -


and abit more .. wanna see ??? den come down to the launch party at MWL this 1st Nov... and the exciting part is that Singapore scrappers will be the first in the world to get these yummy papers ... now how cool is that ..

SO SEE U 1st NOV ..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SB Blogging

Okay, I have been caught up with the whirlwind of events happening around me at the moment and have not had time to scrap and participate in the forum and blog here except for ranting … SB posts coming up . No layouts thou

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Should I ??? Should I not ???

Well I guess if you are my friend on Facebook, my most recent question was ... should I or should I not go to LA next feb for CHA Winter ...So should I or should I not ??

Well .. I have been thinking rather hard since K asked me and I am sooooo tempted .. It is almost every scrapbooker's dream to have layouts showcased in CHA .. and to be there is even more of a heart stopper .. imagine being in the same room as our SB idols and manufacturers showcasing new new new products, many still in prototype samples but still .. LIVING BREATHING SCRAPBOOKING ... woooohooo ... and the thing is this show is more like for businesses and not for retail sales ... but ... IT IS TEMPTING .. so we shall see ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cheap airfares

anybody knows where to find cheap airfares to LAX during the CNY period ??? been surfing ard but almost all is abv 1.3k ... and that is like a 30 hour plus trip to .. and almost 2 days to come back ... sighz .. how ???

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally Finished

Been scrapping like a mad mad woman .. final count : -

3 layouts,
1 mini album
1 M&T

to hand in tmr to the boss .. Got 1 altered item to go .. but I think K will have enuff . *phew*

Finally Finished

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yippeee ... have finished the following :-

1 Album cover
1 Layout ..

2 more and I think I am done .. hehehee


** Note to self : BZ on Friday ... need to see the designers for BN Wedding

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes .. I am mojo-less and have been for the longest time .. paper n glue does not work for me anymore .. how ??? help ....

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am now lusting ... SERIOUSLY LUSTING after this gorgeous bag .... it is the oh so droolsworthy ... to die for .. I WAN I WAN I WAN (but cannot afford) LV Batignolles Horizontal.... soooooo nice...

I swear the internet is oh so argh .. and i found out how much it is and I am SAD SAD SAD .... Shanice told me to sell away me stash to buy ... but hor .. my stash is like cannot sell enuff to get it lor .... anybody wanna get it for me ?:??? I will be eternally grateful ??? PLIS ? PURRRRTTTTYYYYY PLEASE ????? belated birthday present ???? erm Xmas present ??? just because I like u to have it present ??? anybody ??? *puppy dog eyes* ...

It's a small world after all

Ooooh .. I had had had to put this down .. I just realised how small the world is .. remember my friend Ada from HK .. well she has a friend here working as a vet ... and i just found out .. my bro gf also works for the same animal hospital .. HOW scary .. as in .. the world is just getting too small now .. even in face book, it is very very funny how all of a sudden u get mutual friends (whom u did not know that they know ur other grp of friends) ... IT IS SCARY .. okay not making sense here but .. not editing either .. :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Had to put this down for a hmmm moment .. Had a chat over MSN with KJ earlier this evening .. and we were talking abt how pathetic our lives are at the moment .. and we came to the topic of relationships... which got me thinking ...

You know the list we have about our future life partners and how we would list what attributes he/she must have in order for us to consider even going out with them .. well young people reading this .. throw that &($&#&*#*%^#%* list away ... NOW !!!! seriously ... as a person gets older . all you want is some one to just be there for you no matter what, a person you can be comfortable with, and share your life with ... FULL STOP .. seriously ... all those tall dark handsome, fair, long hair slim attributes are really none existant .. (okay brad pitt and that jolie gal is a fluke shot).

That chat also got me scared cause I calculated if I got married pronto .. and have a kid next year ... when my kid is 12 .. I would be .... more than halfway to my life .. bwahahahahahah .. which is hell scary .. I need to find me a MAN now .. anybody to intro ???

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well ...

am bz bz bz ... It is surprising how time flies when you are bz ... been bz at work and also finishing up certain projects ..

Well .. the hush project is coming along rather well and I am quite happy with the end project and hopefully it will be well received. Rather excited at the prospect of being part of this project and I am grateful for the opportunity given ... I am keeping me fingers crossed.

On my personal side, althou it is still not as smooth sailing with many pot holes created on the road, I am quite sure I would have chosen the same path if given a second chance and still not regret the decision I have made.

I am sorry that I do not have much layouts to show but I am scrapping .. althou at a much slower pace and a more workable environment .. I am still scrapping .. so to all my fans (yes I am that thick skinned to think i actually have fans, let me dwell into this dream of mine .. ehehhe ) I will have some layouts to show soon .... :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Spring Cleaning & Problem solving

I packed, I moved, I threw out quite a few things today ... and even washed the loo .. wahahahah .. yes the first step of uncluttering my life .. wahahahah ... feels quite good also :)

And also, after a chat with LW I have a problem solved ... kekeke .. gonna start on me projects tmr after work ... woooohoo .. I have this idea and I actually can imagine how it will turn out ... yay .. and also the layouts .. I am stoked ... :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

3 new babies

Came home yesterday to the 3 new additions to my home .. kekeke ppl .. meet the 3 babies of the house now .. they wreck havoc, have the most drool , makes the most noise but now is loved the most .. eeeke ... meet ...


She is sooooo cute ... i swear ... she runs circles ard me and loves cuddles ... ekekekek



This one is such a princess ... I have not heard her bark or go ard the house .. and she looks so regal .. ekekeke

Ching Ching

Ching Ching

Okay this one is a super yapper .. ahahahah . but such a cutie cause she yaps and yaps but den runs far far away and she snorts ... whhahahah ...

these 3 have brought some fun to a very quiet home .. heheheh .. maybe u peeps will see more blog updates because of them ??? hehehe

Monday, October 1, 2007


Anyways I am having this grand idea of going up to KL for a break .. bwahahah like I told Kor earlier today, It's the "Sharon Cannot be found anywhere except online" holiday .. wahahhaah.. Maybe it is time for a break.. one where I get to have enuff rest and the ability of just not doing anything and not having to think of anything sounds so great .. and I cannot NOT BE ONLINE .. I WILL DIE .. NO INTERNET... I WILL DIEEEEEE* DRAMA MA MA EFFECT*

And of course me being the cheapo that I am managed to get this hotel from the net : . Well The rooms on the website looks quite okay and I could bus it up .. have to be cheapo because I wanna do this alone u see .. bwahahahaha .. like how kor was so suprised that i was not staying at my fav berjaya but at this budget hotel .. bwahahahahahah .. anybody from KL can gives any suggestions ?

Was also looking thru some SB sites and apparently there are a few SB shops in KL .. so maybe since Kor is so free .. can ask him to bring me ard ..bwahahah .. well thats what kors are for rite .. wahahahahahaha .. i seriously hope he does not read my blog manz .. if not .. no lepak partner/driver/makan partner/protector from petaling street thugs .. wahahahahahahahah den i truly mati .. sounds like a plan ? now to find time to do that ... before the school holidays .. *Bleah*

And Biboo has decided to ignore me after my pathetic attempt to copy ish mang zangness .... ahahah ... BOOO .. MEET ME LAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!