Sunday, September 16, 2007

HCMC Photos

Did not take alot of photos but here are some of them .. :)

BZ intersection in HCMC ... My Hotel is just down the road from here .. :)

My Hotel Room in Saigon .. The room was pretty nice .. clean too .. service was good .. :)

The Inside of BT Market .. Very hot, Very stuffy, Alot of things to buy ..

Coffee Beans sold very old school-ish .. See that price .. it cost me $43000 vietnamese Dong for 100gms of it .. which comes to abt SGD$4.30 per 100gms

This is the Mutton Hot Pot .. erm .. many weird stuff in there .. :P but still quite yum

And this is the yummy Pho I had in Pho 24 .. Love it with heaps of lime juice .. and goes very well with a Lime Soda .. YUMMERS

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