Friday, September 28, 2007

Sending an Email ,,,,

Cousin CSP(Yes Cousin CSP .. You are cousin CSP on my blog.. bwahahahah) came over earlier and asked me to teach her scrapbooking and she brought her stash over and told me that she will "merge" her stash with mine to make mine more .. SUBSTAINTIAL ... goodnesss .. and yes her stash is with me .. *FAINT*

On another note .. Thank you Cousins for asking what is happening to me these days with the weird posts .. erm .. everything is okay but like I put on facebook ... It's complicated .. Bwahahha ..

It is also time to send an email to the big guy up there .. to tell him to start sending showers of blessings and love down on me .. cause the goods he has been sending down on me is really heartbreaking ... and soon I am gonna be so cluttered with the damaged stuff I will have no space for the nice stuff in life .. and it does look rather depressing at the moment ... So if you will excuse me .... I think I shall go write the note (email )


*Dream Weaver* said...

I hope that you feel better in the days to come :)

Anonymous said...

hi sharon, hope you feel better soon! Cheer up, gal!