Sunday, September 30, 2007


Okay .. Finally rested after the gruelling 7 hour crop yesterday ...

Survivor at MWL has been tradition for me .. and of course I had to attend right .... and true enuff I had a blast .. Thanks Elvi, Jasmine, Anne Marie and the MWL gang for organising this .. :) Well pictures galore .. but because I did not bring my camera there, I took these photos off the MWL blog .. and thanks jasmine for being the photographer ... ekekeek

Okay .. I arrived at 1pm after work and found the gang hard at work preparing our camp and rations ... and saw the nice nice stuff they had and I "NEEDED" new stuff so I went ard helping myself to the goodies .. eheheh .. Well at 2pm we were ushered into our camps and had to make a little name card for ourselves .. and the color we got was to seperate us to 2 teams ... FEI LONG and ZHAN HU ... hehehe ... Well it was finally time to .. OUT SCRAP, OUT SHOP, OUT LAST ....

Welcome : -

My Tribal Crop Mates : I sat with this group of lovely gals who were filipinos working here in Singapore and they were such a fun group ... Sookie, CJ, Abby, Mariax and Beth .. Had really a great time .. thanks for making the effort to include me in your conversations and stuff ... :)

My Tribal Mates :-

Well, soon it was time for us to start our first task ... which was to solve a puzzle... one where we had to go around the shop to pick out stuff :) .. I now know that Chuppa Chups and Twisties are the cheapst item in the Table Scraps Menu.

First Challenge :-

Of course with a partner like Felicia .. We won the first challenge .. hehehehe ..

Me and Felicia:-

After that Challenge we had another one but I do not have photos for that .. which is actually good cause I was such a Kan Cheong Spider in that ... kekeke but not bad Came in Second in that Challenge with my partner Mariax ... and soon it was time for dinner ... Chenta, Winnie and Iris are such wizards in the cafe made us yummy grub.. served Survivor style .. and even came with "muddy drinks " heheheh

yummy tribal Grub and drinks : -

After dinner .. we had our next challenge which was aptly named "everything's personal" eekke which is actually an eyelet challenge where u have to get as many eyelets set in a min .. and I got the most with 7 .. whooohooo .. which is actually quite a feat for me cause I have not set an eyelet the traditional way for the longest time ... ehehehehh

Eyelet Challenge : -

after the eyelet challenge ... there was only the 3 of us left .. Ros, Mariax and Myself.. and we had to go thru a Q&A session on scrapbooking brands and items .. and all I can say is .. well .. Ros got 10 points, I got 8 and Mariax got 2 .. and ros brought me to the next round .. such a sweetie .. heheh cause I was eliminated at this stage the last time .. but how I managed to get 8points is .. now i know that MWL has 50 cent ribbons ... hahahahahaahh

And after a short rest .. it was time for Ros and Me to go face tribal Council .. well it was quite a laugh with Anne Marie saying that her cheeks hurt ... after all that laughter .. dun let our faces fool u .. eheheheh

Tribal Council : -

And Finally ... Elvira said that it was time to vote .. and in true survivor style it was nerve wracking to the end (thanks to malee for all that drama ) ... and the Winner is .... : ME !!! heheh but it was really close with me having 7 votes and Ros 6 ...

Me receiving my " 1 MILLION RUPIAH WORTH OF MWL VOUCHERS " hehehe

Photo of the final 2 survivors .... ME AND ROS ...

Final Group Shot under the survivor sign

Yeah .. 7 hours flew by in such a blink of an eye tat we all asked elvira ... NEXT ONE SOON ??? hehehehehe


*Dream Weaver* said...

Congrats on your win!

sharon said...

hi .. thanks .. :)