Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogging in Vietnamese

Yeap .. managed to get free internet again ... hehehe .. Just came back from Dinner with the customers .. Drank like a whale agains .. but luckily not as drunk as the day before ... those ppl can really drink manz ... Mutton hot pot was pretty yumz .. until i found out that they had a goat's penis in the pot too ... wayyyyy weird .. but yes I ate some too ..bwahahahaah .. weird .. but if you want to know ... it tastes like FISH ROE ... wbwahahaha ..

Blogging in Vietnam is pretty cool .. cause .. EVERYTHING IS IN VIETNAMESE.. I might click the wrong button and lose this post ... dun belive ?? look at the picture abv ... Not trying to cut and paste watever ... keeekeke

The internet connection is pretty unstable to .. so ... I better click publish quick which in vietnamese is xuat ban bai dang .. waahahahahh

Packing for home now .. :) cannot wait ...

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