Sunday, September 9, 2007


Okay Okay ... I know this is like the dunno how many posts from Singapore about Royston Tan's show "881" but I just have to get you peeps who have not watched this show to GO WATCH IT !!!!

I just got back from the movie and I simply love it ... The costume was fantastic, the songs touching and the acting fab (althou May and Choy shoud just have spoken English instead of the bad chinese).

I am ssooooo going to get the OST and the DVD to keep when it comes out in the shops ... Yes it is that Good .. and to think that I used to be so "kang tang pai" to tsk tsk abt hokkien songs .. ME IS GONNA BE CHEENA HOKKIEN PAI .. hahahah .. yah .. me gonna learn to sing that "JIK NANG JIK PUA" ... buahahahha that is so gonna be my Karaoke song ... wahhaah ...

So if you have not watched it yet ... GO WATCH IT ... and no royston tan did not pay me to blog abt it ... :)

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