Friday, September 21, 2007

after 12am -

I will be turning a year older ... ONE MORE YEAR to add to my age .. how does it feel .. not particularly looking forward to it .. but I guess I have no say in it eh ..

Wat's my birthday wish ??? seriously .. I have no idea but hopefully it will just get better .. The past 365 days have been a real eye opener with me progressing maybe not to the level I wish I was .. but at least I took it slow .. and did not stress myself out too much .. and I have a couple of things coming up .. which I am quite excited with .. :) .. one with FFC which I am quite looking forward to .. :)

On a personal front .. Well .. the wait is still there... but .. should I be more agressive ?? or should I just take watever comes my way ???

Food for my brain today ...

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