Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wahahah free internet ... but for how long ???

Bwahahahah .. MAnaged to hook up to some free wi fi somewhere ... whoever owns it .... THANK YOU .... it is now only 9.30pm in HCMC but I am bushed ... tomorrow is another long day but meeting a customer and den dinner ... which is mutton hot pot .. Not really looking forward to it because the vietnamese are fantastic drinkers .. they really make you drink ... heaps .. which for me is like ... bleah ... Dinner yesterday we consumed 15 bottles of beer .. and tons of food ..

Shopping in HCMC is okay .. if you are into imitation stuff .. but prices are still cheaper than HK and BKK .. but nah ... too much rubbish at home already ... but I managed to get the yummy VIET coffee and the cute coffee drainer/maker thingy at ben thanh market ... whoever said JJ market in BKK is hot .. has gotta come here .. My shopping loot stands at .. 1 lacquer box .. 10 pairs of chopsticks and coffee .. bwahahahahah

But I have to say that ... HCMC is a real eye opener ... took me 5 mins to cross a road this morning cause .. I was too chicken to cross the road .. you really need guts to cross the roads ... and also .. the motorcyclists do not wear helmets at all .. scary the way they weave in and out of traffic ...

okay .. going off .. do not have my card reader with me and thus no photos ...

oh yeha ... viet food is yummilicious... esp pho24 ... YUM YUM

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