Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hmmmz ...

Nobody is online for me to chat to ... grey anetomy is on atm and I am bored .. Have gone to World 5 on Super Mario Bros and I think I am super addicted to playing games on my DS lite and PSP ... leaving for HCM next week and I still do not know where to go shop and eat ... not that I will have time there ....but looking at the electronic items I will be bringing .. it is kind of a joke ... the electronic packing list looks like this :

Lappy + Charger
DSLR + Charger
Mobile + Charger
PSP + Charger
DS lite + Charger

I have not travelled with such heavy hand carry bags since ... I went to NC to study... gosh ... but then again .. I am not one who travels light .. I have this serious compulsion to pack my whole entire wardrobe just to go on a 3 day trip to BKK (where I can buy a whole entire wardrobe cheaply). How ??? lists dun work with me too .. :P ...

argh !!!!!!

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