Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yeah .. anybody remember the IRC .. Goodness, I was re-introduced to the IRC by LY recently and boy has it changed. Those people who knew me pre scrapbooking would know how addicted I was to it . It was the cheapest way to keep in contact with family and friends, and was the way to know people from all over. And boy did it bring me friends from ALL over. I had friends from the States to Belgium and even Ghana. Hahah .. and it also brought me many times of sorrow and heart break too, but the fun and enjoyable days were way more. Many of the friends I made in those years are still friends now and I do know of alot of friends who managed to hook up thru the IRC. It was the way to develope relationships in those days. I remember the days with my "papa", "mama" , the huge group of "kor kors", "jie jies", "mei mei" and "di dis" . haha, those were the days playing with bots, channel wars and god knows what else. Seriously fun and innocent. And I have to seriously thank a person who really helped me in those days with my economics and marketing papers. He was a real marketing genius who was a great help in giving me ideas and his help in editing and correcting my homework .. THANKS HEAPS .. u know who you are,

But ask me now would I be addicted to the IRC again. Well, the few hours I went into IRC this weekend tells me that .. NOPE I will not be venturing into this world, for once, it will no longer be the same, the amount of guys looking for a "good time" is seriously screwed. Haha ,.. seriously, do you wives even know what your DH's are up to in the IRC. It was also super funny when LY msged me that a gal msged him telling him that a BJ/HJ cost SGD$200.00 , and it even came with an address, Mobile number and Name... goodness.. What is the world coming to. that is some serious business exchanges out there manz .. can u imagine how much a night would cost. Also, do they realise who they are making out with ? Seriously, do they know the sexual history of these IRC partners ? Gives me the shivers ...

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