Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hong Kong Trip - Part 3

Guess what, I just realised that I took almost every type of Public Transport available in Hong Kong..I took the :

The Star Ferry - Taking this 1 day after the Typhoon 8 Warning Signal was hoisted was actually pretty scary. But suprisingly, the ride was rather smooth.

Taking the Mini Bus :-

Yuppity yup .. this was my maiden ride on the mini bus, yes those kind you watch in those HK Drama series .. way cool .. :)

Public Bus : - Took this from Central IFC to Stanley Market, quite a scenic route we took .. did not take any photos of the bus thou .. ;( but if you want to have a way fun ride for a couple of bucks, this is the bus to take cause it brings u up and down the steep slopes of Repulse Bay and Aberdeen. And also the curves it takes along the hillside ..and add bad visibility to the mix, you have a ride way better than space mountain ... :)

MTR : - this is my way preferred choice of public transport in HKG, very fast and efficient and the best thing is almost everything is near a MTR station. The trains are also very clean and have this super high tech system to let u know by blinking lights on the stops which the train have passed in the train maps ..

The Disney Train - This is the coolest train ever, with everything disney. Love it. And I found out one little snippet of useless info ( hehe ) , The Disney Train will never arrive at Sunny Bay Station when there are other trains waiting for passengers to board. It will be the only train at the station when the train arrives. cool eh .. :)

Taxi : - Took a short taxi ride from our hotel to Harborcity, a really huge shopping centre with almost 700 shops ... less than 5 mins ride but hey it still counts rite .. but the one funny thing abt HK taxis is that they allow 5 passengers in the taxis .. yes adult passengers .

and all these .. you can pay by using the oh so easy to use octopus card

Travelling ard Hong Kong is relatively easy. Most of the street signs and buses all have their destinations stated in English and Chinese so getting lost is not an easy thing to do . And their MTR system is so easy to use.


gilaswan said...

Maybe I should make a trip to HK myself... but the thought of walking about in my 3rd trimester sounds... er... rather uninviting... or maybe just to disneyland? Not like I can take any of the rides... darn... I want a holiday.

sharon said...

totally recommend it .. How wrong can it be in the happiest place on earth .. Don't need to do the whole hong kong thing .. just do the Disney thingy .. not much walking .. :)